The lycanthrope (人狼(ライカンスロープ) raikansurōpu, werewolf) is an ancient race of beings that are capable to transform from humans to wolves and vice versa.

The lycanthropes were not created by the laws of nature, but by mankind, with the use of sorcery, which means that every single member of this race exists outside of reason. The lycanthropes are considered to be demi-humans, despite the differences between these two species.

According to Clavis Alucard, it is very rare to encounter a lycanthrope. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing is the only lycanthrope seen in the series.



Natural: Beastman · demon · ghoul · half-beastman · human · vampire
Artificial: Human sub-race · Kaka · lycanthrope · Prime Field

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