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Little sister

Little sister (Character Artwork, 1)
Name: Unknown
Alias: Little sister
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Likes: Family
Dislikes: Standing still
Personal status
Relatives: "Me"
Status: Active
Spin-off(s): XBlaze – Lost: Memories
Voice acting
Japanese voice: Iori Nomizu
The little sister (いもうと Imōto) is a character in XBlaze – Lost: Memories. She is the younger sister of "Me" and has gone mysteriously missing inside the Phantom Field.


Strikingly similar in appearance to Celica A. Mercury, the little sister has medium-length brown hair and large brown eyes. She wears a simple pink overall-like dress with a yellow bow that reaches to her thighs over a simple white shirt with pink cuffs. She also wears white socks and black shoes with pink bows on the front.


A little girl who has somehow found her way into the bottom of the Phantom Field. She aspires to be like her sister "Me", and desires to help her. She has a particularly unique idiosyncrasy.

Her real name is unknown, and is only referred to as the little sister.


Main article: Little sister/Image Gallery


  • Little sister looks identical to Celica A. Mercury in her youth. Coincidentally, they also share the same voice actress, Iori Nomizu.
  • If the player attempts to name her "Celica", the game will say "After checking the database, you cannot use the inputted name. Sorry…".


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