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Sword Summoner EX
Zwei! ツヴァイ!, Tsuvai! Two!
Drei! ドライ!, Dorai! Three!
Vier! フィーア!, Fīa! Four!
Fünf! ヒュンフ!, Hyunfu! Five!
Sechs! ゼクス!, Zekusu! Six!
Sieben! ズィーベン!, Zīben! Seven!
Acht! アハト!, Ahato! Eight!

Special Attacks

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Spike Chaser
Systems activate! システム始動, Shisutemu shidō! System startup!
Sickle Storm
Opening rift! 次元具現化!, Jigen gugen-ka!
Crescent Saber
Altering space! 状態変更!, Jōtai henkō! Status change!
Gravity Seed
Deploying field! フィールド発生!, Fīrudo hassei!
Warping space…! 空間歪曲!, Kūkan waikyoku!
Act Parcer Zwei
Shift! シフト!, Shifuto! Shift!
Hoarding! 転移!, Ten'i!
Act Parcer Zwei: Blade
Light! ライト, Raito! Light!
Aligning! 円軌道, Enkidō!
Act Parcer Zwei: Cavalier
Mirror! ミラー!, Mirā! Mirror!
Orbiting! 測位開始!, Sokui kaishi!
Adjusting! (CP)

Distortion Drives

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Legacy Edge
Destruction! 殲滅!, Senmetsu! Annihilate!
Everything… Disappear! 消えろ、全て。, Kiero, subete. Disappear, everything.
Calamity Sword
Lux Tower! 天の雷…, Ten no Ikazuchi… Thunder of Heaven…
Extinction! …ナギハラウ, …Nagiharau … Massacre.

Astral Heat

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Sword of Destruction
From beyond the realm of souls and birth, I call upon Ur’s sword to bring ruin upon my enemies! Perish. 次元干渉虚数法陣展開 イデア機関開放、その器白銀の刃にして蒼の根源、八岐の尾より出で世界を否定し粛清する者よ、薙ぎ払え, Jigen kanshō kyosū-hō-jin tenkai idea kikan kaihō, sono-ki shirogane no ha ni shite ao no kongen, yamata no o yori shutsu de sekai o hitei shi shukusei suru mono yo, nagiharae
O' silver blade forged in the depths of the beyond, heed my summons and purge those who stand in my way! Lay waste. 次元干渉虚数法陣展開 イデア機関開放、我が魂の帰する場所にて根源に生まれ出でし剣よ、全てを無に帰する刃を我が前に示せ、滅べ, Jigen kanshō kyosū-hō-jin tenkai Idea kikan kaihō, waga tamashī no ki suru basho nite kongen ni umare dedeshi ken yo, subete o munikisuru yaiba ni shimese, horobe.


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note


VS Ragna
Ragna…? VS Ragna (CP)
Attempting to apprehend target. VS Noel
Who…am I…? VS Noel (CP)
Dimensional Boundary Interface Mu, confirmed. Target… Data… Corrupted. VS Mu
Mu, cannot identify. VS Mu (CP)
Target identified as Sankishin. Now initializing Idea Engine. VS Rachel/Hakumen
Primary target acquired. Now initializing Idea Engine. VS Hazama
Target in possession of unidentified Armagus. Increasing threat level to… A. VS Tsubaki
Nox Nyctores class weapon detected. Increasing threat level to… A. VS Bang/Carl
Nox Nyctores class weapon detected. Increasing threat level to… S. VS Jin


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