English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Here. ほれ。, Hore. There.
Activate. 起動!, Kidō. Activate.

Special Attacks

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Armament No.02 – "Assaulting Broken Bunker Ver. 2.21"
Broken…Bunker! ロークンバンカー!, Burōkun…Bankā! Broken…Bunker!
Get ready! …Go to hell! 行くぞ!…消えてなくなれ!, Ikuzo! …Kiete naku nare! Here I come! …Disappear!
Armament No.03 – "Freezing Absolute Zero Ver. 4.32"
Freeze! アブソリュート!, Abusoryūto! Absolute!
Armament No.04α – "Sweltering Flame Cage Ver. 1.43"
​Fireball! 炎熱!, Hakyū! Torrid!
Boom. ボーグ。, Bōgu. Vogue.
Armament No.05 – "Electric Shock Banishing Ray Ver. 3.10"
Shocking! 電撃!, Zecchi! Electric Shock!

Distortion Drives

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Armament No.04β – "Hyper-Torrid Flame Bell Vogue Ver. 2.73"
Power Blast! 超炎熱!, Chō Hakyū! Hyper Torrid!
Kaboom. シュウパアボーグ。, Syūpā Bōgu. Super Vogue.
Armament No.07 – "Gravity Jamming Dark Ver. 1.65"
Zero Gravity! 重力だ!, Jūryoku da! Gravity!
Fall, into depths of hell! 落ちろ、奈落のそこに!, Ochiro, naraku no soko ni! Fall, into that place called hell!
Armament No.00 – "Super Dreadnought of Destruction – Mecha Tager"
Get over here, Tager! Break them! 来い、メカテイガー!撃滅する!, Koi, Meka Teigā! Gekimetsu suru! Come, Mecha Tager! Destroy!
Unleashing all weapons! Wahahahahahaha!
I summon you, Golden Tager! Burn in hell! 来い、ゴオルデンテイガー!殲滅する!, Koi, Gōruden Teigā! Senmetsu suru! Come, Golden Tager! Annihilate!

Astral Heat

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Armament No.99 – "Final Apocalypse Ultimate Impact"
You’ll regret this… Atatatata! Ultimate Impact! Ars Magus? Hmph! Science is true power! Wahahahaha! 後悔しろ。…アタタタタタタタタ!アルチメットインパックト!術式?下らん。…科学こそ力だ!アッハッハッハッッハッッハッッハッッハッッハッ!, Kōkaishiro… Atatatatatatatata! Arutimetto Inpakkuto! Jutsushiki? Kudaran… Kagaku koso chikara da! Ahahhahhahhahhahhahhahhah! Repent… Atatatatatatatata! Ultimate Impact! Magic Formula? Worthless… Science is true power! Ahahhahhahhahhahhahhahhah!
It’s over… Summoning device… Active! Ars Magus? Hmph! Science is true power! Wahahahaha!



English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Idiot. バカ?, Baka? You’re stupid?
甘い!, Amai! Naive!
それが?, Sore ga? That is?
そんあものか?, Sonna mono ka? Is that it?


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
事象壁解放。, Jishō-heki kaihō. Phenomenal barrier, release.


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Quick Wake-up
行くぞ。, Ikuzo. Here I come. Regular match


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
How troublesome… Just don’t get in my way. 面倒臭い。…私を邪魔だけするな。, Mendokusai… Watashi wo jama dake suru na. What a pain… Just get out of my way. Regular match
Wait wait wait! I’m at the good part! Can you make this quick? Regular match
Huh? Five minutes. Not a second over. Regular match
I’ll collect your data myself. VS Ragna
It’s you… VS Rachel
My dumbest student… VS Litchi
Let’s see your performance. VS Tager
You’ve sure caused us a lot of trouble, you know? VS Hakumen
I finally got you, Terumi! オイ冷たぞ、テルミ。, Oi tsumetazo, Terumi. Hey that was cold, Terumi. VS Hazama
Relius Clover… what are you doing here? VS Relius
I don’t know anything. VS Bullet
Unleash all weapons! Azrael, you… アズラエル、貴様…, Azuraeru, kisama… Azrael, you… VS Azrael
You’re… To think you give me an opportunity to end you… VS Terumi
You’re still calling me that? Alright, let’s take you for a spin. VS Lambda
C’mon, I’ll adjust you as we go. VS Celica
Victory (Match)
Second-rate soldier… Regular match
Tager, come in, Tager! Damn reception! Regular match
Tager, hey, Tager! Tch, technology… Regular match
*whistles* Regular match
Hm. Ragna the Bloodedge… What a disappointment. VS Ragna
Walk away from the NOL while you still can. VS Litchi
How empty… VS Arakune
It’s time for new upgrades. You’ll make a good cyborg… and click! VS Tager
Suit yourself. VS Hakumen
Time to pay… VS Hazama
What you’re doing…is no longer science. VS Relius
Stop wasting your time on me. VS Bullet
Time to go back to your cage…and click! VS Azrael
That’s the best the Mutsuki Family can do? VS Kagura
Don’t consider this revenge, Terumi. It just happened again. VS Terumi


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