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English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Black Gale
The end… Midair, Regular match
Withstand this… Midair, Regular match
Here we go! Midair, Regular match
Let's do this! Midair, Regular match


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Dragon Spirit
Dragon Spirit! 龍縛旋!, Ryūbakusen! Dragon Binding Whirl! Regular match
Vouivre! ヴィーヴル!, Viivuru! Regular match
龍憐舞!, Ryūrenbu! Regular match
カドモス!, Kadomosu! Regular match
Dragon's Ascent
Dragon's Ascent! 龍刃翔!, Ryūjinshō! Dragon Blade Soar! Regular match
Fafnir! ファフナー!, Fafunaa! Regular match
Dragon Blast
Dragon Blast! 龍破衝!, Ryuhashō! Dragon Blast Piercer! Regular match
Hydra! ヒュドラ!, Hyudora! Regular match
Dragon's Claw
Dragon's Claw! 龍戟爪!, Ryūgekisō! Dragon Halberd Claw! Regular match
Dzrak! ドラク!, Doraku! Regular match
Dragon Slaughter
Dragon Slaughter! 屠龍連斬, Toryūrenzan! Slaughtering Dragon Chain Slash! Regular match
Rahab!  ラハブ!, Rahabu! Regular match
Dragon Strike
Dragon Strike! 砕龍撃!, Sairyugeki! Smashing Dragon Strike! Regular match
Vritra! ヴリトラ!, Vuritora! Regular match
Dragon's Blade
Dragon's Blade! 龍閃剣!, Ryūsenken! Dragon Flash Sword! Regular match
Sirrush! シルシュ!, Shirushu! Regular match
Dragon's Dual Strike
Dragon's Dual Strike! 臥龍双破!, Gary'ūsōha! Sleeping Dragon Twin Crush! Regular match
Naga! ナーガ!, Naaga! Regular match
Dragon's Fang
Dragon's Fang! 龍牙迅!, Ryūgajin! Dragon Fang Haste! Regular match
Dahāka! ダハーカ!, Dahāka! Regular match
Dragon's Mirage
Dragon's Mirage! 龍影迅!, Ryūeijin! Dragon Shadow Haste! Regular match
Azdahā! アジュダハ!, Ajudahā! Regular match
Sky Dragon's Strike
Sky Dragon's Strike! 飛龍尖撃!, Hiryūsengeki! Flying Dragon Tipped Strike! Regular match
Wyvern! ワイバーン!, Waibaan! Regular match

Distortion Drive

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
The Dragon Lord's Striking Fang
Dragon Lord's… Striking Fang! 龍皇…斬牙欧衝!, Ryūō…Zangaōshō! Dragon Emperor…Slashing Fang European Piercer! Regular match
Let's keep it cool… Nidhogg! クールに行くぜ…ニーズヘッグ!, Kuuru ni ikuze… Niizuheggu! Going with the cool… Nidhogg! Regular match
Let's keep it cool… Nidhogg! Descent! クールにいくぜ…ニーズヘッグ!昇天しな!, Kuuru ni ikuze… Niizuheggu! Shoutenshina! Going with the cool… Nidhogg! Rise up into the sky! Regular match (Overdrive)
Supreme Dragon's Inferno
龍覇…獄焔塵!, Ryūha…Gokuenjin! Dragon Supremacy…Prison Blaze Dust! Regular match
龍覇…獄焔塵!更に、…受けろ!, Ryūha…Gokuenjin! Sarani…ukero! Dragon Supremacy…Prison Blaze Dust! Even more…take this! Regular match (Overdrive)
龍覇…獄焔塵!からの、…受けろ!, Ryūha…Gokuenjin! Kara no…ukero! Dragon Supremacy…Prison Blaze Dust! Sweep…take this! Regular match (Overdrive)


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Infinite Coupling
Let's have some fun! 面白くなるぜ!, Omoshiroku naruze! Let's make it interesting! Regular match
No regrets, yeah? 後悔すんなよ! , Koukaisunnayo!  Don't you regret! Regular match

Astral Heat

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Black Dragon's Sky-Rending Blade
Now you've made me angry. This is the flight… of the Black Dragon! Bahamut Gale! 俺を怒らせたな…これが…黒龍の…羽ばたきだ!バハムートゲイル!!, Ore wo okorasetana… Kore ga, kokuryū no…habataki da! Bahamuuto Gēru! I'm pissed off. This is, the black dragon's…wings flap! Bahamut Gale! Regular match



English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Quick Wake-up
Piece of cake. Regular match


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Come on, Reaper. VS Ragna
Hey, Jinny? ヨー、ジンジン! Yo, Jinjin! Hey, Jinjin! VS Jin
If I win, I get to take you out to dinner. 俺が勝ったらデートだからな!, Ore ga kattara dēto dakara na! It's a date if I win! VS Noel
Please go easy, Madam Rachel. VS Rachel
Are ya hungry? How 'bout dinner on me? VS Taokaka
Is this… legal? VS Carl
Now this… is a fine specimen. これは!…中ヶに!, Kore wa! …Nakanaka ni! This is! …Quite! VS Litchi
Hey, Red Devil. VS Tager
You wanna piece of this? If you excuse me for a second. VS Bang
How touchy. VS Nu
So you're Hakumen, huh. VS Hakumen
So you're Hazama. テメェがハザマか。, Temee ga Hazama ka. So you're Hazama. VS Hazama
Tsubaki… VS Tsubaki
You believe in destiny? 運命って、信じるかい?, Unmei tte, shinjiru kai? Do you believe, in fate? VS Mu
Please, just one grope! Ah…ua! …Nice strike. 一回くらい揉むせろ!アレ…痛って!…いい防御ダ。, Ikkai kurai momusero! Are…itte! …Ī bōgi da. At least just one grope! Eh…ouch! …Good defense. VS Makoto
This isn't good… 誘いが拙いか。, Sasoi ga mazui ka. This temptation isn't good. VS Platinum
I don't have time to entertain men. VS Relius
Not another dude… …野郎じゃないか?, …Yarō janai ka? …A dude? VS Amane
Now that's… pretty amazing. VS Bullet
Bring it, mad dog. 来いよ、狂犬!, Koi yo, Kyōken! Come, Mad Dog! VS Azrael
So that's the Izayoi then? VS Izayoi
Aah. You must be Noel's--… Wait. Did you just call me a "target?!" "Ooh, kimi wa Noeru-chan no-… Ah. Tekite ore ka?!" VS Lambda
Victory (Round)
You still get up, right?. ホラ、立てよ。, Hora, tate yo. Come on, stand up. Regular match
Victory (Match)
I held back. Be thankful. Regular match
I can't lose. 俺は負けないよ。, Ore wa makenai yo. I won't lose. Regular match
You've met your match. まあ、けっこう頑張ったよ、アンタ。, Mā, kekkō ganbatta yo, anta. Well, you did try your best . Regular match
What? That's it? VS Ragna
You losing your edge? VS Jin
How cute, you're holding back for me? 可愛いな、手加減してくれたのか?, Kawaī na, tekagenshitekureta no ka? How cute, you're holding back? VS Noel
You're holding back? VS Rachel
I can't…divert my eyes… 胸が、眼が放れろ。, Mune ga, me ga hanarero. My eyes, leave those breasts. VS Litchi
Man, what a let down. VS Tager
See? Told you I was good. You're Tenjo's number 1 disciple? VS Bang
Disappointing for one of the Six Heroes. VS Hakumen
I'm gonna have to crush you right here… VS Hazama
Now's my chance. VS Makoto
Come on! This isn't even a fight! VS Relius
You know, you're pretty cute. 可愛いぞ、あんたは。, Kawaī zo, anta wa. Cute, you really are. VS Bullet
You've met your match. ここで終わりだぜ。, Koko de owari daze. This is the end. VS Azrael
Not as strong as I suspected. VS Izayoi

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