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English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Standing Throw
Stand still! VS Regular match
Prepare yourself! VS Regular match
Come on, Lieutenant! VS Noel
Not good enough! VS Makoto
Air Throw
Forget about it! VS Regular match
Gotcha! VS Makoto


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Voltic Battler (5D)
Fist of Steel! 鋼の拳だ!, Hagane no kobushi da! Fist of Steel!
Shatter! 砕けろ!, Kudakero! Shatter!
Iron Fist! アイアンフィスト!, Aian Fisuto! Iron Fist!
Voltic Battler (4D)
Ready?! いくぞ!, Ikuzo! Here I come!
Take this! 受ける!, Ukero! Take this!
Voltic Battler (j.5D)
Blast! 吹き飛べ!, Fukitobe! Get lost!
Voltic! ボルテック!, Borutekku! Voltic!
Battler! バトラー!, Batorā! Battler!
Power of science!
Voltic Battler (2D)


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Gigantic Tager Driver
Gigantic Tager…Driver! ギガンティックテイガー…ドライバー!, Gigantikku Teigā… Doraibā! Gigantic Tager… Driver!
Don't think so…Gigantic! 逃げるさんぞ!ギガンティック!, Nigeru san zo! Gigantikku! You can't escape! Gigantic!
Get over here!
Fledgling…shut up! (vs. Ragna, CT) 若僧が…!吠えるな!, Wakazō ga…! Hoeruna! Youngster…! Grow up already!
Don't tell me this is it…Grim Reaper! (vs. Ragna, CS) この程度か…死神?!, Kono teido ka… Shinigami?! Is it all you have, Grim Reaper?!
Comrade…the least I can do. (vs. Arakune, CT) 古き友よ…。引導を渡してやる…。, Furuki tomo yo… Indō wo watashi te yaru… Old friend… I'll pray for you…
You were like a brother to me…it's the least I can do… (vs. Arakune, CS) 古き友よ…。今楽にしてやる…。, Furuki tomo yo… Ima raku ni shite yaru… Old friend… I'll release you now.
I'm sorry…but these are my orders. (vs Noel, CS) 悪いが…。これも任務なのだな。, Warui ga… Kore mo ninmu nanoda na. My bad… But this is my duty, too.
You,ve no one to blame…but yourself! (VS Noel,CP)
Forgive me Litchi…Gigantic! (vs Litchi) すまんな、ライチ…。ギガンティック!, Suman na, Raichi… Gigantikku! Sorry, Litchi… Gigantic!
So…can you survive this? (vs Makoto,CS) 遅いぞ…。耐えきれるか?!, Osoi zo… Taiekireru ka?! Slow… Can you survive this?!
Let's see you…handle this!" (VS Makoto,CP)
Atomic Collider
Atomic Collider! アトミックコレダー!, Atomikku Koredā! Atomic Collider!
Plasma! プラズマ収束!, Purasuma shusoku! Plasma convergence!
Come closer!
Don't put down science! (vs. Ragna) 科学侮るな!, Kagaku anadoru na! Don't underestimate science!
Not this time, Libary! (vs Noel) 甘いぞ、図書館!, Amai zo, Toshokan! Naive, Library!
Not this time! (vs Noel CP)
Sledge Hammer
Sledge…Hammer! スレッジ…ハンマー!, Surejji… Hanmā! Sledge… Hammer!
Argh! Shatter! うおおお! 弾けろ!, Uoooo! Hajikero! Uoooo! Break apart!
What the hell…can you change?! (vs. Ragna) 貴様如きに…何が変えられる?!, Kisama gotoki ni… nani ga kaerareru?! As you are… what can be changed?!
NOL…! That all you've got?! (vs. Jin) 図書館…!そんな物か?!, Toshokan! Sonna mono ka?! The Library…! Is this all?!
Library…! What a joke! (vs. Noel) 図書館が…。笑うわせるな!, Toshokan ga… Warauwaseru na! The Library… How laughable!
Where…did you get that power?! (vs. Litchi) お前…。どこで、その力を?!, Omae… Doko de, sono chikara wo?! You… Where did you get this power?!
Spark Bolt
Spark Bolt! スパークボルト!, Supāku Boruto! Spark Bolt!
Magnetic spark! 超電磁スパーク!, Chōdenji Supāku! Super electromagnetic spark!
Ragna the Bloodedge!! (vs Ragna) ラグナ=ザ=ブラッドエッジ!, Raguna za Buraddoejji! Ragna the Bloodedge!
What a joke! (vs Noel) 甘いぞ、図書館!, Amai zo, Toshokan! Naive, Library!
Gadget Finger
Gadget Finger! ガジェットフィンガー!, Gajetto Fingā! Gadget Finger!
You have nowhere to run! 逃げ場はないぞ!, Nigeba wa naizo!! You can't run!

Distortion Drives

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Genesic Emerald Tager Buster
Genesic…Emerald…Tager…BUSTER! ジェネシック…エメラルド…テイガー…バスター!, Jeneshikku… Emerarudo… Teigā… Basutā! Genesic… Emerald… Tager… BUSTER!
Gotcha! Any last words? This is gonna be…your end! 捕まえたぞ!祈りは済んだか?貴様はこれで…終わりだ!, Tsukamaetazo! Inori wa sunda ka? Kisama wa kore de… owari da! Gotcha! Said your prayer yet? This will be your… end!
Magna-Tech Wheel
Here goes…Magna-Tech Wheel! 逝くがいい…。マグナテックホイール!, Yukugai… Maguna Tekku Hoīru! Die… Magna-Tech Wheel!
A hundred and twenty percent! The power of magnetism! (CT) 充電百二十パーセント!超電磁の力だ!, Jūden hyakunijūppāsento! Chōdenji no chikara da! Charge one hundred and twenty percent! Super electromagnetic power!
Output at a hundred and twenty percent! The power of magnetism! (CS)
Here goes…so this is the path you've chosen! (vs. Arakune, CT) 行くがいい…。それがお前の選ぶ道か?!, Yukugai… Sore ga omae no eranda michi ka?! Proceeding… Is this your chosen path?!
Output at a hundred and twenty percent! So this is the path you've chosen! (vs. Arakune, CS) 充電百二十パーセント!それがお前の選ぶ道か?!, Jūden hyakunijūppāsento! Sore ga omae no eranda michi ka?! Charge one hundred and twenty percent! Is this your chosen path?!
Tera-Break! テラブレイク!, Tera Bureiku! Tera-Break!
Pulverize! 打ち砕けぇえええ!, Uchikudake! Crumble!
Arakune! (vs. Arakune, CT) アラクネ!, Arakune! Arakune!
Then you've chosen to die! (vs. Arakune, CS) 終わりだ!, Owari da! It's over!
Tera-Break EX
Here goes…Tera-Break! いくぞ…。終わりだ!, Ikuzo… Owari da! Let's go… It's over!

Astral Heat

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
King of Tager
Releasing Armagus! King of… Tager! 術式機関解放!キングオブ…テイガー!, Jutsushiki kikan kaihō! Kingu Obu… Teigā Skill Formula Engine, release! King of… Tager!
Critical limit! Forgive me… Limit break! 臨界突破! ココノエ、すまん…。リミット解放!, Rinkai toppa! Kokonoe, suman… Rimitto kaihō! Breaking critical limit! Sorry, Kokonoe… Limit release!



English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Barrier overload!
You damn reaper! (Vs. Ragna)


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
All systems…green. Regular match
If I use too much strength…Kokonoe gets mad at me. Regular match
You are too dangerous. VS Ragna
Show me how you destroyed Ikaruga. VS Jin
It's been a while, Litchi. VS Litchi
You're Hazama, then? VS Hazama
Hakumen…Kokonoe wants you back. VS Hakumen, CS
Very well. We shall fight, man to uh…woman. As fellow soldiers. VS Makoto
You're Arakune now? VS Arakune
Sorry…Kokonoe…! Regular match
Fate can be cruel on the battlefield… Regular match
Craaaap! Regular match
Victory (Round)
I'm surprised you survived this long. Regular match
Oh, so you still get up! Regular match
Settle down, rookie! Regular match
This is the Grim Reaper? VS Ragna
Show me the power of the Azure. VS Ragna
Your Detonator can do no better. VS Relius
Victory (Match)
You're within my estimates. Regular match
You're a second rate soldier. Regular match
You still have a ways to go. Regular match
Hey, it's me. Hm, no reception. Regular match
Hey, Kokonoe. Nothing. Regular match
Blinded by power. VS Ragna
Heroes are so common these days. VS Jin
Rest in peace, old friend. VS Arakune
I'm not sure I trust you 100%. VS Makoto

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Combat subsystems active. Regular match
I suggest you surrender. Regular match
All systems go. Regular match
Show me… what you're made of. Regular match
Just following orders. Regular match
Tager! New orders… take 'em down. Kokonoe's voice
Regular match
We meet again, Ragna the Bloodedge. VS Ragna
To think I would encounter the Hero of Ikaruga here. VS Jin
Let's see if you've become as strong as you say. VS Noel
Litchi! What are you doing in the Library?! VS Litchi
I'll do what I should've done long ago. VS Arakune
Long time no see, Hakumen. VS Hakumen
Show me your strength, Makoto. VS Makoto
…May I have this battle? VS Valkenhayn
Relius Clover. What are you doing here? VS Relius
You were at Sector Seven. VS Bullet
You maniac! VS Azrael
To face you? I look forward to this battle. VS Kagura
I never would have imaged I would fight you. VS Kokonoe
Victory (Round)
You've got potential, I'll give you that. Regular match
You put up a quite a great fight. Regular match
That's all you got?" VS Ragna
Surely this is not all your power. VS Ragna
I'm taking you in. VS Noel
Now get up. VS Litchi
Not bad, Litchi… VS Litchi if time runs out
Expected. VS Arakune
I'm disappointed in you. VS Makoto
You fail to live up to your rumors. VS Relius
Victory (Match)
Good fight! Regular match
It is a honer to fight some with your skills. Regular match
Just like the simulator. Regular match
Your within our estimates. Regular match
That is not enough to defeat me. Regular match
Don't tell me that was all? VS Ragna
Still a child. VS Jin
I suppose there's some improvements VS Noel
Let him go… VS Litchi
Why is it that I'm always one step ahead of you? VS Arakune
I've witness the power of the Six Heroes. VS Hakumen
Your punches pack weight. vs Makoto
Thank you for the valuable experience. VS Valkenhayn
Why do I have a bed feeling? VS Relius
Your looking for Kokonoe? VS Bullet
What the matter? Forget how to fight? VS Azrael
This is why I should be out on the field. VS Kokonoe


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