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Killing Demon: Ōkami (斬魔・鳴神 Zanma: Ōkami, localized as Interfectum Malus: Ōkami) is an Arch-Enemy Event Weapon with the shape of a nodachi. It is wielded by Izayoi,[1] and previously by Hakumen.


Ōkami is made of a metal that negates Magic Formula in a certain distance,[2] explaining why Arakune can be killed by it rather than regenerate after being hit by it.

Hakumen is also able to use Ōkami to directly slash dimensions, allowing him to view other parallel timelines or dimensions.[2] However, it is unclear if this is an ability of Ōkami itself or a display of the Susanoo Unit's ability to slash time.



  • In BlazBlue: Alter Memory the sword can phase through its sheath, allowing Hakumen to easily draw it for battle.


  1. BlazBlue: Centralfiction does not indicate the character's name in the cutscene, but the name is written in the script, and this name is "Izayoi".
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