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That Which Is Inherited (Continuum Shift II, Story Mode Illustration, 3, Type B)

Kokonoe using Infinite Gravity to seal the Black Beast.

Infinite Gravity (無限重力(インフィニットグラビティ) Infinitto Gurabiti) is a magic spell that was originally used by Konoe A. Mercury that involves the compressing and sealing of the soul of a Black Beast, which is then used as the catalyst for a Nox Nyctores. It was later used by Kokonoe in order to stop a newly recreated Black Beast from destroying the Sector Seven base.

Release command used by Kokonoe is:

“I command you in the name of Kokonoe… Unleashing restriction zero… Engaging link with the Boundary. You who protects this gate… Unbind the nine locks that seal what lies beneath. I hereby seek… The power of the Great Mage Nine! Infinite Gravity!” (ココノエの名で命ずる…第零式拘束機関開放…固有境界接続…。門を護りし者よ…九つの鍵を持って開放せよ!我は求める…「大魔導師ナイン」の力を!「無限重力(インフィニティットグラビティ)」発動! Kokonoe no na de meizuru... Dai zero-shiki kōsoku kikan kaihō... Koyū Kyōkai setsuzoku. Mon wo mamorishi mono yo... Kokonotsu no kagi o motte kaihō seyo! Ware wa motomeru... "Dai Madōshi Nain" no chikara wo! "Infinititto Gurabiti" hatsudō!)

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