Chronophantasma (Chronophantasma, Story Mode Illustration, 4)

Ibukido’s annihilation

Ibukido experiment (イブキドの実験 Ibukido no jikken) is an experiment worked on by the 7th Agency in the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido of Ikaruga Federation in 2194.

It was stated to be an experiment to connect with the Boundary using a Dimensional Boundary Contact Prime Field, which ended in failure, but it actually was an attempt to create a Black Beast to use it against the World Void Information Control Organization. Takamagahara used their Arch-Enemy Event Weapon, Highlander: Takemikazuchi, to prevent the birth of the Black Beast, and annihilated Ibukido.

The Prime Field which was used in the experiment, Mu-12, was saved by her cocoon, but her smelting was interrupted, and she lost all her memories because of that. She was later adopted by Edgar and Claire Vermillion, and was named “Noel Vermillion”.

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