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BB PS1 257
Wielder: Tomonori
Name: Hihīrokane
Kanji: 刻殺しの刀
Translation: Sword of Time Murderer
Form: Katana (unactivated), claw (activated)

Hihīrokane is Tomonori's weapon, which he used against Yūki Terumi in BlazBlue: Phase Shift 1. After his death it was recovered by the Alucard family and later given to his brother Jūbei.


Hihīrokane is a sword that has been in the possession of Tomonori and Jūbei's clan for generations and is said to come from the Age of Origin. When activated by its wielder speaking its name, it becomes a giant claw and has the ability to cut both bodies and spirits, enabling it to injure Terumi. It was also used by Jūbei to cut a hole into the Black Beast for Celica A. Mercury to enter during the final battle of the Dark War.


In its unactivated form Hihīrokane appears as a large katana with a silver blade and a black scabbard. When activated it becomes a great green claw, larger than Tomonori himself.


  • It is named after a legendary Japanese alloy. The alloy itself is used in the series as both the Murakumo Unit's armor and the golden metal on Hakumen's chest are constructed of it.

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