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Konoe A. Mercury (Centralfiction, Character Select Artwork)
Hi no Kagutsuchi (ヒノカグツチ) is an enormous fire elemental that can be summoned by Konoe A. Mercury.


Hi no Kagutsuchi is used during some of her Special Attacks, Overdrive, Exceed Accel, and Astral Heat. It does not entirely appear on the stage, Konoe only summons its parts through a magic circle she conjures.

When he withdraws, he turns into flames before disappearing.

Hi no Kagutsuchi serves as an extension of Nine's powers, aiding her by summoning its limbs to attack her opponents. It is also capable of unleashing an enormous, concentrated stream of fire from its mouth, as seen in the Overdrive version of Nine's Distortion Drive, Flame Punisher. It can also transform into a flaming cage that binds Nine's opponents in place after devouring them in preparation for her Astral Heat, Colorless Void.

The type and origin of the weapon are unknown.


  • Hi no Kagutsuchi is named after Hi-no-kagutsuchi, the god of fire in Japanese mythology.

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