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Hazama can be a tricky-to-use character with a unique playstyle. Although his chains and slow speed are well-suited for a zoning character, he excels particularly well up-close, where he can make use of his numerous mixup options and okizeme options. Unlike Hakumen, Carl, and Arakune, his "hop dash" is grounded and can be canceled at any time with normals, specials, or barrier, improving his short-range movement options, even enabling him to wavedash. It should also be noted that Hazama has one of the de facto best meter gain rates in the game, as almost all of his combos go into multiple j.Cs, which builds meter extremely quickly. It is not uncommon for a good Hazama player to always have at least 50% meter, making Serpent's Infernal Rapture a constant threat due to its Fatal Counter property.

Although he is relatively slow compared to most of the cast, Hazama is excellent for applying pressure, as his drives make slow moves that would normally be safe at fullscreen (i.e. Jin's projectiles) extremely risky, forcing opponents to play a close-up game even if their character is unsuited for it (i.e. Rachel). At the same time, however, Hazama can make the opponent's rushdown risky as well, stuffing approaches easily with his drive and his Rising Fang (214D~B) special, which is invulnerable on startup and moves Hazama back enough to be virtually safe, and punishing holes in rushdown extremely hard with Serpent's Infernal Rapture (236236B), which can deal more than 7k damage in the right circumstances. At the same time, Hazama is able to punish opponents for playing overly defensively, poking them safely from a distance with his drives and punishing bad blocking with an extremely strong mixup game consisting of crossups, overheads, and command throws.

Despite this generally well-rounded playstyle, however, Hazama's slow walking speed makes it difficult for him to catch characters fast enough to consistently get out of the reach of his chains and throw out projectiles from a safe distance. He has a comparatively difficult time against Hakumen and Arakune, who are both capable of both negating his mixup game and his approach options by hitting his chains, countering, or air dashing (Hakumen) or onslaughting him with bugs (Arakune).

Also, Hazama can only shoot out one chain at a time, so characters can move in by going around them well enough or negating them with a multitude of projectiles at once. Though it is thanks to his Ouroboros followups that he can escape projectile punishes, though one must not be reckless in which follow ups to use, making it a bit situational. People can also stuff Serpent's Infernal Rapture with an invincible attack or a counter, and run away with enough skill needed since Hazama must get close to his opponent to be efficient. A good runaway game is needed to stay on one's toes against Hazama. Also, if one can keep him in the air, the only tools he has on hand will be the Wind Serpent's Fang (j.214B), his j.C and his Drives. His game works best on ground to start punishment for setups to safely use his aerial tools as he has no midair Distortion Drives.

Ironically, Hazama, unlike most pressure happy characters like Ragna and Jin, lacks the range needed on his normals for long range poke punishes, as his 2B, 3C and j.B are the only pokes he has on his disposal. Thus, Hazama often needs to end up as close to his opponent as much as possible as his normals tend to have notable pushback. One other notable weakness of Hazama's his is lack of meterless reversals; due to this, he can be in a very tight spot when under pressure and due to his average amount of health, and his Drive follow ups despite providing great mobility, provide no invincibility, and must be used rationally.

In Continuum Shift II, Hazama gained several drastic changes that made him much less beginner-friendly. His normal bread and butter combos involving Devouring Fang have been removed, and replaced with complex OTG combos involving his modified 6C, which pins the opponent to the ground now allowing him to dash in and use 5C to start his air juggles. As with every character, Hazama's style was changed to allow for better pressure when the opponent is trapped in the corner.

In Extend, Hazama has gained a powerful, but very difficult new tool to use. Making use of the Tiger Knee input (2369/2147) and the right set of moves in a combo, it is now possible for Hazama to use his Rising and/or Falling Fang in such a way that he can force the opponent into a loop. With this new tactic, Hazama is able to gain exorbitant amounts of meter in the corner while leaving the opponent utterly helpless as he combos into Serpent's Infernal Rapture from the loop for big damage. But at a cost, he seems to have lost most of his damage potential from the past two games.

Of note is that Hazama has a non-standard dash. Instead of running, he will perform a short sliding step forward and stop automatically after a set distance. This dash can be canceled with normals, specials, or barrier block.



Input Damage Heat Gain
A 300 124
BBCS (Hazama 5A) A standing "door knock" hand attack forward.
Run-of-the-mill standing poke.
Cancels into itself.
Jump cancelable.
Input Damage Heat Gain
B 550 227
BBCS (Hazama 5B) A knee strike.
Short-range staple combo starter.
Jump cancelable.
Input Damage Heat Gain
C 300x2 124x2
BBCS (Hazama 5C) Upward outward cross slash with both knives. Hits twice.
Jump cancelable.
Decent AA hitbox and often good for OTG pickups.
Input Damage Heat Gain
2 A 300 124
BBCS (Hazama 2A) A crouching jab with open hand.
Run-of-the-mill-crouching poke.
Does not cancel into itself.
Input Damage Heat Gain
2 B 450 186
BBCS (Hazama 2B) A crouching turning poke kick sweep.
Hits low. Decent poke.
Combos into 3C on crouching opponents or on CH.
Input Damage Heat Gain
2 C 660 273
BBCS (Hazama 2C) Upward turning slash with knife that creates a brief flash.
Upper-body invulnerable.
Combos well into 4D on airborne opponents.
Input Damage Heat Gain
6 A 600 248
BBCS Hazama 6A Standing elbow drop.
Hits overhead.
Slow startup and short range.
Breaks one primer on block.
Can be canceled into super.
Input Damage Heat Gain
6 B 600 248
BBCS (Hazama 6B) Slow standing sweep kick.
Hits low.
Startup resembles 6A in appearance.
Can be canceled into super.
Breaks one primer on block. No longer breaks a primer in BBCS:EX.
BBCP: Can now Fatal Counter.
Input Damage Heat Gain
6 C 500x3 310x3
BBCS (Hazama 6C) Jumps back while throwing three knives diagonally forward to the ground.
Good range and relatively safe.
Breaks one primer on block.
Staggers on counterhit.
Input Damage Heat Gain
3 C 700 289
BBCS (Hazama 3C) Sweeping inward slash with knife.
Hits low.
Knocks down the opponent, and very good for space control.
Combos well into Devouring Fang and 2B. No longer possible to do so in BBCS:II or BBCS:EX, unless it is a counter.
Good poke range.
Input Damage Heat Gain
A (in the air) 300 124
BBCS (Hazama jA) A jumping open hand jab. Same as 2A, but only more downward.
Run-of-the-mill jumping poke.
Cancels into itself.
Input Damage Heat Gain
B (in the air) 450 186
BBCS (Hazama jB) A jumping straight kick as he grabs his hat with a second motion where he brings his leg inward in a spin kick motion.
A good jumping poke with decent range, but not that good for jump-ins due to its upward hitbox. Has a slight crossup hitbox on the second portion of the attack.
Input Damage Heat Gain
C (x5) (in the air) 600 (1st Hit), 300 (2nd/3rd/4th Hit), 700 (5th Hit) 248 (1st Hit), 124 (2nd/3rd/4th Hit), 289 (5th Hit)
BBCS (Hazama jC1)
BBCS (Hazama jC2)
BBCS (Hazama jC3)
BBCS (Hazama jC4)
BBCS (Hazama jC5)
Barrage of up to five rapid knife slashes while turning in multiple directions.
Can be mashed for up to five hits.
All hits are jump cancelable. No longer possible since BBCSII. Only the first 2 hits are jump cancelable.
Last hit has bonus positive proration.
Builds a lot of meter rapidly.
Input Damage Heat Gain
2 C (in the air) 620 256
BBCS (Hazama j2C move) Turning slash directly beneath.
Has some startup.
Has very good crossup hitbox.
Input Damage Heat Gain
B C 0, 1400 0, 579
BBCS (Hazama Foward Throw) Kicks the opponent and sends them flying at an angle.

Combos into 6D. No longer true in BBCS:EX. In BBCS:EX, it can be canceled by Serpent's Benediction or Hungry Coils. Possible to cancel into Hōtenjin before opponent is knocked away. Possible in BBCS (not BBCS:II) and BBCS:EX.

Input Damage Heat Gain
4 B C 0, 1800 0, 745
BBCS (Hazama Back Throw) Kicks the opponent backwards and sends them flying straight back.

Combos into 5D on most opponents. No longer true in BBCSII. In BBCS:EX, it can be canceled by Serpent's Benediction or Hungry Coils. Possible to cancel into Hōtenjin before opponent is knocked away. Possible in BBCS (not BBCS:II) and BBCS:EX.

Input Damage Heat Gain
(in the air)
0, 1400 0, 579
BBCS (Hazama Air Throw) Grabs the opponent, then smacks him down with his elbow.

Sends the opponent straight down. Combos into j.2D, or 2B if done low enough. In BBCS:II or BBCS:EX, enemy bounces when they hit the ground allowing you to follow up with Devouring Fang. You may have to dash forward if you are high in the air.

Input Damage Heat Gain
6 A B 0 0
BBCS (Hazama 5B) Counter Assault. Same as his 5B, thus unlike more further reaching Counter Assaults, its low range means it must be used a bit sparingly.


Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Heat Gain
any direction + D Ouroboros ウロボロス, Uroborosu -- --
Launches a snake-like chain.
Has a minimum range; chain has minimal stun inside this range.
Ouroboros stocks are consumed by performing chain followups. Stocks are fully recharged by staying on the ground for a certain duration or if the opponent is hit by or blocks a chain.
Chains will clash with attacks and projectiles.
Chains are special-cancelable on hit or block.
Has projectile properties but will freeze Hazama if the hook touch Hakumen's Yukikaze.
Input Damage Heat Gain
D (on the ground) 300,500 (5D), 400,600 (6D), 400,600 (4D), 400,600 (2D) 124, 207 (5D), 165, 248 (6D), 165, 248 (4D), 165, 248 (2D)
BBCS (Hazama 5D)
BBCS (Hazama 6D)
BBCS (Hazama 4D)
BBCS (Hazama 2D)
Throws a chain while standing on the ground.
D : Horizontal
6 D : Upward at a 30-degree angle.
4 D : Upward at a 70-degree angle.
2 D : Straight up.
Input Damage Heat Gain
D (in the air) 300,500 (j.D), 400,600 (j.8D), 200,500 (j.6D), 300,500 (j.4D), 124, 207 (j.D), 165, 248 (j.8D), 82, 207 (j.6D), 124, 207 (j.4D),
BBCS (Hazama jD)
BBCS (Hazama j8D)
BBCS (Hazama j6D)
BBCS (Hazama j4D)
BBCS (Hazama j2D)
Throws a chain while floating in midair.
D : Horizontal.
8 D : Upward at a 30-degree angle.
6 D : Downward at a 30-degree angle.
4 D : Downward at a 70-degree angle.
2 D : Straight down.
Hazama is suspended in midair while performing this move.
Input Damage Heat Gain
A (during any Drive attack) -- --
BBCS (Hazama AFollowup) Hazama retracts the chain. Immediately cancels and retract the chain.
Good for canceling whiffed or blocked chains.
Possible to link multiple chains by canceling them on hit.
Does not consume an Ouroboros stock.
Input Damage Heat Gain
B (during any Drive attack) -- --
BBCS (Hazama BFollowup) Hazama pulls himself up from his current position, then pulls himself in towards the grapple point. Momentum is stopped upon reaching the grapple point. In BBCSII, the momentum remains and in BBCS:EX, it is easier to cancel from the movement into an attack or another Drive.
Consumes one Ouroboros stock.
Input Damage Heat Gain
C (during any Drive attack) -- --
BBCS (Hazama CFollowup) Hazama is suspended in place for a second, then pulls himself slightly beyond the grapple point. Momentum is stopped upon reaching the grapple point.
Can cross through opponent.
Good for crossups.
Consumes one Ouroboros stock.
Input Damage Heat Gain
D (during any Drive attack) -- --
BBCS (Hazama DFollowup) Hazama immediately pulls himself straight towards the grapple point. Unlike B and C followups, retains momentum.
Momentum can be canceled partially by performing a normal.
Consumes one Ouroboros stock.


Input English Name Japanese Name Damage Heat Gain
Jörmungandr ヨルムンガンド, Yorumungando --- ---
Increases the strength of Drives and temporarily grants the Life Drain barrier from his Unlimited form.

Special AttacksEdit

Input English Name Japanese Name Literal Translation Damage Heat Gain
236 D Venom Sword 蛇刃牙, Jabaki Snake Blade Fang 450 186
BBCS (Hazama jabaki) Steps forward and flings his hand upward to toss forward an energy "sword" in the form of a snake's head. Staple short-range projectile poke and combo finisher.
Wallbounces on counter hit. In BBCSII and BBCS:EX, it causes wallbounce mid-combo.
Links into Jayoku Hōtenjin in corner on counterhit.
Input English Name Japanese Name Literal Translation Damage Heat Gain
214 D Serpent's Benediction 蛇刹, Jasetsu Serpent Temple -- --
BBCS (Hazama jasetsu) Enters a stance while gathering energy on one of his arms. After 25 frames/2 seconds, followup attacks become "charged" and are identifiable by blue after-trail.
Can be canceled with A, B, C, or D, or ends automatically after a set duration.
BBCP: Charged follow ups are now instead available after 51 frames.
Input English Name Japanese Name Literal Translation Damage Heat Gain
A (during Serpent's Benediction) Falling Fang 裂閃牙, Ressenga Rending Flash Fang 700 (Normal), 900 (S) 434 (Normal), 538 (S)
BBCS (Hazama ressenga) Overhead turning agile "claw slash" attack with snake energy trailing. Hits overhead.
Charged version becomes airborne faster, has lower-body invulnerability, and has higher attack level and damage.
Uncharged version advantageous on block (+2). Charged version extremely advantageous on block (+8). In BBCS:EX, charged version breaks guard primer on block.
Input English Name Japanese Name Literal Translation Damage Heat Gain
B (during Serpent's Benediction) Rising Fang 牙昇脚, Gashōkyaku Fang Rising Leg 700 (Normal), 1000 (S) 579 (Normal), 828 (S)
BBCS (Hazama gashoukyaku) Outward crescent kick that moves backward. Invulnerable startup and is Hazama's only invincible rising anti-air though has some tight execution making not as suitable for instant reaction (especially since Jasetsu itself has some startup delay).
Launches on hit.
Charged version Fatal Counters and has higher attack level.
If performed immediately upon activating 214D, there is a 6-frame window between activation and when invulnerability kicks in. In BBCS:EX, it causes wallbounce on corner, enhancing Hazama's combo possibilities. Also, both versions break a guard primer on block.
Input English Name Japanese Name Literal Translation Damage Heat Gain
C (during Serpent's Benediction) Devouring Fang 残影牙, Zaneiga Tracing Fang 1000 (Normal), 1200 (S) 621 (Normal), 745 (S)
BBCS (Hazama zaneiga) Hazama sends a wave of snake-like energy along the ground. Hits low.
Breaks one guard primer on block.
Launches and vacuums the opponent on hit.
Charged version deals additional damage and has higher attack level. In BBCSII, the opponent is wildly flung instead with a higher launch effect, messing up some combo potential, though the move still has its pulling effect.
Input English Name Japanese Name Literal Translation Damage Heat Gain
D (during Serpent's Benediction) Serpent's Haste 構え中断, Kamae Chūdan Stance Break -- --
Cancels Serpent's Benediction. Immediately cancels Serpent's Benediction.
Has some recovery.
Input English Name Japanese Name Literal Translation Damage Heat Gain
4 4 or
6 6 (during Serpent's Benediction)
Serpent's Redemption 蛇滑, Jakatsu Serpent Slide -- --
New additional move in CP. Hazama either dashes forward or backward depending on the direction input.
Followups executed right during the movement period (at the beginning frames) carry on the movement during their animations; for example, Rising Fang moves forward if done right during the forward dash and so forth.
Often used during tight combo executions in order to allow most of the follow ups moves to connect. Backwards version for follow up inputs is used as a feint and frame-trap gimmick.
Input English Name Japanese Name Literal Translation Damage Heat Gain
214 B (in the air) Wind Serpent's Fang 飛鎌突, Hirentotsu Flying Sickle Thrust 700 579
BBCS (Hazama hirentotsu) Aerial backward heel swinging spin kick aimed downward. Breaks one guard primer on block.
Knocks opponent to the ground.
Good air combo finisher.
In BBCS:EX, it can be used along with 5C and 2C in order to create some kind of loop. It is: 5C, 2C, j.214B. Repeat. The input: 5C, 2C, 21478B. Harder than it looks/sounds. You must delay 5C properly in order to pick up properly.
Can be TK'd/Tiger Knee'd, but also can only be done once per air time and disables all other air actions until Hazama lands (and also has some landing recovery).
Input English Name Japanese Name Literal Translation Damage Heat Gain
236 C Bloody Fangs 牙砕衝, Gasaishō Fang Smashing Piercer 0 0
BBCS (Hazama gasaishou) Red aura surrounds Hazama, who then grabs the opponent with his twirling knife and shreds them once, thus stunning them. Command throw.
Leaves opponent standing in hitstun.
Prorates heavily and has a short amount of range. In BBCSII, it gives 5 heat.
Invulnerable throughout latter half of move.
In BBCS:EX, invulnerability is moved to the beginning of the move.
Input English Name Japanese Name Literal Translation Damage Heat Gain
623 D Hungry Coils 蛇咬, Jakō Snake Bite 0,2000 0, 828
BBCS (Hazama jakou) Shoots a chain with a small red aura at a 45-degree angle. If the chain connects, it will latch onto the opponent, after which Hazama will swing the chain in the opposite direction forcefully, slamming opponents into the back wall.
Air unblockable as a blockable throw that only hits airborne opponents (but can be barrier blocked).
Particularly effective if used while Hazama himself is in the corner, as doing so will drop the opponent right next to him. Too close however might make the wallbounce occur too soon, messing up some opportunities. Very space dependent for follow up scenarios and is a difficult anti-air to properly use due to some blind-spots.
BBCP: Can now Fatal Counter.

Distortion DrivesEdit

Input English Name Japanese Name Literal Translation Damage Heat Gain
236 236 B Serpent's Infernal Rapture 蛇翼崩天刃, Jayoku Hōtenjin Snake Wing Crumbling Heaven Blade 2500 0
BBCS (Hazama Jayoku Houtenjin) Hazama disappears offscreen via an afterimage warp, then kicks the opponent sky-high with an energy pillar that reaches up to the heavens. Fatal Counters.
Breaks one guard primer on block.
Sends opponent clear off the top of the stage, untechable until opponent touches the ground. Can even hit OTG.
6 frames of startup before superflash, hits on same frame as superflash. Very laggy when blocked, so it can only be used in combos or punishing attacks. Now affected more in terms of damage deterioration in BBCSII, as chaining it from even 1 hit weakens the attack more via forced proration.
BEWARE, if Hazama ends up too close to his foe just before the attack comes out, it can be countered with a throw, so caution and proper spacing should be considered. The attack can also be punished by most long invincibility moves (such as a C Inferno Divider) through the attacking frames as Hazama will always end up close to the opponent, so reckless use of it is not considered during neutral game.
Input English Name Japanese Name Literal Translation Damage Heat Gain
63214 6 C Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent 蛟竜烈華斬, Mizuchi Rekkazan Rain Serpent Violent Luster Slash 200,0,500x8,3200 0
BBCS (Hazama Mizuchi Rekkazan) Summons a portal that snares the opponent, pulls them in for a barrage of slashes, then summons serpents to strike the foe away. Portal appears on the ground underneath opponent, and can catch airborne opponents who are low enough to the ground.
Has a minimum range.
Is a blockable throw, despite appearances. Hits low.
A strange bug can happen if used against Hakumen's barrier, causing the 'chain' part of the move to grab at nothing, and Hazama will perform the rest of the move as usual without anything caught in it. Have Hakumen hit an Ouroboros to create the barrier and then have Hazama perform the move, then when the chain comes out, Hakumen will soon be free and move towards Hazama to block or counter the final hit of the attack. His Drives, Yukikaze, and Astral can work on this.
Input English Name Japanese Name Literal Translation Damage Heat Gain
63214 6 D (during Serpent's Benediction) The Serpent's Unholy Wrath 大蛇武錬葬, Orochi Burensō Great Serpent Martial Tempering Burial -- --
New DD as of CP. Hazama removes his hat to reveal his Terumi ego as he lifts his opponent up with Ouroboros in a binding barrier. He then rises up with a knee attack to them and forcibly slams him/her down to the ground with a turning midair kick followed by a heel drop on the downed target, then stomps the opponent several times. He then sweeps them off the ground and finishes with a backward kick trailed by an energy snake.
Unblockable Throw, can only be used near the opponent.
Often used during forward version Jakatsu to ensure connecting. Used during pressure strings.

Astral HeatEdit

Input English Name Japanese Name Literal Translation Damage Heat Gain
1 63214 3 D Hungry Darkness of 1000 Souls 千魂冥烙, Senkon Meiraku Thousand Souls Dark Branding Death 0
BBCS (Hazama Senkon Meiraku) A large amount of Ouroboros chains rise from the ground around Hazama in a cage formation. If they connect, Hazama bursts with energy as several snakes rise up from the ground, coalescing into a giant snake that delivers a fatal bite to the opponent. When the dust settles, Hazama has transitioned into Terumi, standing over his opponent and holding his tie over their lifeless corpse. Completely invulnerable on startup.
Can combo off of 6A.
The motion is the same as Geese Howard's Raging/Raising Storm from the SNK series of games, so the command 63214632143D is a common bypass for such a difficult command.

Keys English Name Korean Name Skill Type
-SD Dragon Serpent 교룡열화참 Weapon Skill
LS HazamaW Unleashes a chain that pulls the opponent in and allows you to follow up with a special D combo.
Keys English Name Korean Name Skill Type
ASD Revenge 사익붕천인 Armor Skill
LS HazamaA Puts up Hazama's guard and protects from normal attacks. Hazama will quickly strike back and launch the opponent into the air if he's hit.
Keys English Name Korean Name Skill Type
A-D Rapture 사찰 Helm Skill
LS HazamaH Hazama swipes at his opponents to knock them into the air. Usable in the air, standing, and while on the ground.
Keys English Name Korean Name Skill Type
AS- Hungry Coils 사교 Trinket Skill
LS HazamaT Hazama sends out a chain that grabs and throws the opponent into the air behind you.

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