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Japanese quotes English translations
そら。 Sora. Here.
ふ。 Fu. Huh.
ゆくぞ。 Yuku zo. Go.
は。 Ha. Hah.
舞え。 Mae. Dance.
落ちよ。 Ochi yo. Fall off.
無駄だ。 Muda da. Pointless.
踊れ。 Odore. Dance.
食らえ。 Kurae. Eat this.
足掻け。 Agake. Struggle.
受けてみよ。 Ukete mi yo. Try this.
壊れろ。 Kowarero. Break.
砕けよ。 Kudake yo. Smash.
凌がよい。 Shinoga yoi. Endure.
ふ! Fu! Huh!
はは! Haha! Haha!

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Fear me! 受けよ!, Uke yo! Take this!
Go! やれ!, Yare! Do it!
Kneel before me! 跪け! Hizamazuke! Kneel!
Dance! 踊れ! Odore! Dance!
Perish! 行くが良い!, Iku ga yoi! Ready to proceed!
Disintegrate! 行くが良い!, Iku ga yoi! Ready to proceed!
There is no escape… 避けて見よ!, Sakete mi yo! Try to avoid!
Dive him! 食らえ!, Kurae! Eat this!
How pedestrian. 詰らぬな!, Tsumaranu na! How boring.
Insolent fool. 知者が!, Shire mono ga! Know your place!
You will not escape! 逃がさぬぞ!, Nigasanu zo! You will not escape!
Well. 消。, Ine. Begone
Shatter! 砕けよ!, Kudake yo. Shatter!
Fire! 放て。, Hanate. Fire away.
Cast away! 控えよ。, Hikae yo. Prepare.

Drive moves

Japanese quotes English translations
Sand Shine <Exodus Ark>
広がれ! Hirogare! Spread out!
楽しませよ! Tanoshimase yo! Entertain me!
戻れ。 Modore. Come back.
もうよい。 Mō yoi. Enough.
Sand Shine <Exodus Ark>, 2D/6D/4D
行け。 Yuke. Go.
そっちか? Socchi ka? This way?

Special moves

Japanese quotes English translations
Strike of Corpse Peak
もうじょよ! Mōjo yo! Go!
食らえ。 Kurae. Eat this.
Flaming Dome
天蓋の火よ…焼き払え! Tengai no Hi yo... Yakiharae! Flaming Dome... Reduce to ashes!
これを…味わえ! Kore wo... Ajiwae! This... Taste it!
散らせ。 Chirase. Scatter.
刻まれよ! Kizamare yo! Chop up!

Distortion Drives

Japanese quotes English translations
Time of Nothingness
全ては虚ろ、全ては無。 Subete wa utsuro, subete wa mu. Everything is empty, everything is nothing.

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Fire you, Giant! 放て、巨人よ!Hanate, Kyojin yo! Fire, Giant!
Reduce all to ashes. 全てを無に着せ!, Subete wo mu ni kise! Condemn all to nothing!

Astral Heat

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
I command you in the name of Izanami. Finish them! 消えよ。冥王イザナミの名によいて命ずる!薙ぎ払え!, Kie yo. Meiō Izanami no na ni yoite meizuru! Nagiharae! Disappear. In the name of Hades: Izanami I command you! Mow them down!



English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
You dare not keep me waiting. どうした?早くせよ。Dōshita? Hayakuse yo. What's wrong? Hurry up.
That is all? その程度か?, Sono teido ka? Is that all?


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
I hope you will not disappoint me. これも予今日だ。予を楽ませよ。Kore mo yo kyō da. Yo wo tanoshimase yo. This is my day. Entertain me.
You abominable Giant, prove your worth to me! 忌まわしいき巨人よ、その力、予に示して見よ!, Imawashiki Kyojin yo, sono chikara, yo ni shimeshite mi yo! Abominable Giant, show me your power!


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Only human after all. Disappointing. 所詮人形。その程度か?, Shosen ningyō. Sono teido ka? Only a doll after all. Is that it?
I shall deliver death onto all of the living. 生きと死埋ける者…全てに死よ!, Iki to shi ikeru mono…subete ni shi yo! I shall bury all the living and the deceased…in death!


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