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Gorō Jōizumi

Goro Joizumi (Character Artwork, Type A)
Name: Gorō Jōizumi
Alias: Screaming Joe
Screaming Man
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 28 years old
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Drive: Screaming Jaw
Professional status
Affiliation(s): New Yokozaki City Hall
Position(s): Minor Bureaucrat
Personal status
Status: Active
Spin-off(s): XBlaze – Code: Embryo
Voice acting
Japanese voice: Shinobu Matsumoto
Gorō Jōizumi (城和泉吾郎 Jōizumi Gorō) is a minor antagonist in XBlaze – Code: Embryo. He was detained by Es after he attacked Tōya Kagari in the Restricted Ward. His Drive is Screaming Jaw.


Gorō is a pale man with a sickly complexion, he has wide brown eyes with large bags underneath; he has short, messy brown hair, pronounced cheek bones and thick lips.

As for his usual wear, Gorō wears a white button-up shirt with a blue tie, over this, he wears a burgundy zip-up jacket, finally, he wears plain black jeans.


Two months prior to his appearance in the Restricted Ward, Gorō was diagnosed as a Union during a routine check-up. Unfortunately, he lost his mind during his transition to a Phase-4 Union and began to run rampant throughout New Yokozaki City.

XBlaze – Code: Embryo

Gorō's Discover Call was sensed by Tōya Kagari, and he was approached by the teenager. However, his delusional state convinced him that the young man was an enemy, and he open fired with his Drive, narrowly missing twice. He did manage to gain the upper hand as he held Tōya in his grip. As he was about to finish him off, he was sliced by Es, and mercilessly pummeled repeatedly until Tōya stood in between the two, berating Es for nearly killing him. Gorō was then knocked out by Es and handed over to the Mitsurugi Agency's recovery team.

Powers and abilities

Being a Union, Gorō has the innate ability to use Magic Element thanks to his Crystal; his Drive is called Screaming Jaw (雄叫顎(スクリーム・ジョウ) Sukurīmu Jō, War Cry Jaw) and allows him to utilize destructive sound waves to attack foes, however, due to his new-found mental instability, friends and the general public were not safe from these sound waves until his detainment.


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