Highlander: Takemikazuchi (巨人(ハイランダー)・タケミカヅチ Hairandā: Takemikazuchi, Giant: Takemikazuchi, localized as Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi) is the first Arch-Enemy Event Weapon, which previously was a Legacy Weapon. It is a giant humanoid creature made of the magic element which is able to fire powerful blasts from its mouth. Its power is able to destroy the whole Hierarchical City, and even the Amaterasu Unit.

Takemikazuchi was used in a war, centuries ago before the Great Dark War. Nine found this weapon, but it needed a control system. Seven and Eight found out that the best choice is her younger sister, Celica Ayatsuki Mercury, who was born with an ability to suppress magic element. However, Nine did not agree for this sacrifice. Eventually, Seven and Eight used a different method of completing the weapon, which made it much more difficult to control it. They gathered ten thousands of souls from the Magic City Ishana, and melted the heart of the Giant. Nine did not have time to stop them, and all she could do was dividing the heart into several parts, creating next eight Event Weapons to use against the Black Beast.

The Giant was used by the Takamagahara System when they were not satisfied with the happening events in a timeline. They were firing at the 13th Hierarchical City "Kagutsuchi" a blast from Takemikazuchi, killing Ragna the Bloodedge, causing the Origin to destroy the world and recreate it again. After Izanami took control over the Takamagahara System, the weapon was under her control, and eventually she turned it into the Embryo.



  • Takemikazuchi is the name of a Japanese thunder god, who is also the patron saint of warriors. His name means "Fierce-Earth of Three Days".
  • Izanami called Takemikazuchi as the Cup of the Abhorrent Death (忌まわしき死の杯 Imawashiki Shi no Hai), although it is not specified why exactly.


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