The Gate -Not Possible- (Stage)
Name: CT:
· the Gate
· Sheol Gate AD2199/12/31
· Closed world -The GATE-
CF: the Gate -Not Possible-
Description: CT:
· The wolf knows that the ill heart thinks.
· When Greek meets Greek, then comes the tug of war.
· Truth lies at the bottom of a well.
· Don’t take your harp to the party.
CF: There is a first time for everything.
Location: 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi
Area Number: No. 0
Stage of: · Nu-13 (Sheol Gate) (CT)
· Hakumen (The Gate) (CT, CS, CSII, CSEX, CF)
· Lambda-11 (The Gate) (CS, CSII, CSEX)
The Gate is located under the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi branch of the World Void Information Control Organization. In BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, the Sheol Gate serves as both Hakumen and Nu-13 stages. It also serves as Unlimited Ragna the Bloodedge’s boss stage in Score Attack Mode. It would seem that the Kilns of the Control Organization branches and 7th Agency are somehow associated with the gates and could possibly be the door to the gates.


In BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger’s story, Ragna comes down to the gate after he defeated Jin Kisaragi, presumbly to destroy the Kiln. There, he encounters Hakumen, forcing him to use his Blue Grimoire to defeat the latter. Noel Vermillion later arrives after the battle to find and arrest Ragna. The Kiln then appears and she encounters Nu. The two battle, and the fight ends with Nu preparing to kill Noel. However, Ragna arrives and protects Noel from the final blow. He then fights Nu, who ends up stabbing him and taking him with her to the Kiln to merge. However, Noel saves Ragna, and Nu dies when she falls back into the Kiln. Rachel Alucard then appears and tells Ragna that Noel is the new “eye”, who will inherit the true Blue, and that the world will change. She then departs to activate her Tsukuyomi Unit to protect Kagutsuchi from a powerful blast that came from the Arch-Enemy Event Weapon, Highlander: Takemikazuchi.

As she returns, Hazama appears before the three of them and taunts them, stating that Ragna is too weak for him to fight and only Rachel is able to “keep up” with him.

In BlazBlue: Continuum Shift’s story, Hakumen is bound to an identical area inside the 7th Agency labs, until Rachel breaks the binding that was placed by Kokonoe. An illusional replication also serves as the battle area where Lambda-11 and Arakune are forced to battle an image of Nu in their respective storylines.



  • The word Sheol is pronounced “Sheh-ol” in Hebrew שְׁאוֹל (She'ol), is the “grave”, “pit” or “abyss”, indicating that the Sheol gate translates into “Hell’s Gate” or “Abyss’ Gate”.


Calamity Trigger
Continuum Shift

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