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Listen to music, watch videos, view pictures, or enjoy the voice acting here.

The Gallery Mode is a mode in all of the BlazBlue games where, once you have completed certain tasks or earned enough P$ to spend, you can view and buy certain illustrations of characters. In Continuum Shift II and Continuum Shift Extend, you can buy character colors, unlimited characters, and announcer voices. Asides from just illustrations, you can also view medals, watch movies or listen to the game's soundtrack. In Chronophantasma, however, you cannot be able to listen to the game's soundtrack or voices, replacing it with Location Test voice clips.

Contents of GalleryEdit

Subpages below contain only Arcade and Story illustrations.


Calamity TriggerEdit

  • Hands Where I Can See Them – Collect over 50 illustrations.

Continuum ShiftEdit

  • Mint Condition – Collect all of the… collectibles.

Continuum Shift ExtendEdit

  • Artwork?! Gimmie! – Unlock 50% of the items in the Gallery.
  • Gallery Guru – Unlock everything there is to see in the Gallery.


  • P$ Can't Buy Everything – Unlocked 50% of the Gallery.


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