The environment maintenance device (環境維持装置 Kankyō Iji Sōchi, localized as weather control device) is an installation that controls the weather.[1]

Such devices are in Hierarchical Cities and they are working on magic element, therefore destruction of respective city’s Kiln, which gives the element supply, disables the controlling device.

In BlazBlue: Remix Heart, the incomplete Regulation Grimoire caused the Magic Formula of the Torifune’s environment maintenance device to go haywire, so the city was covered in snow.[2]

Due to the destruction of the Kiln in Snow Town of Akitsu-Kō by Ragna the Bloodedge, their device can no longer control the weather properly, causing large amounts of snow to pile up. This device also affects weather in its sister city, Akitsu-Otsu, but Otsu has a desert instead of snow.


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