Sealed Space (Stage)

The Sealed Space

An Eclipse Field (不可視領域(エクリプスフィールド) Ekuripusu Fīrudo, Invisible Field) is a type of barrier that is created through the use of science that was created by Kokonoe MercuryTR-0009 Tager is implied to be the sole being capable of creating an Eclipse Field.

Similar to the Eclipse Barrier, an Eclipse Field is a type of barrier which prevents any shape of intervention being performed, meaning that anyone inside the barrier cannot interact with any being outside of it, and vice versa. In order for the field to actually be formed, Tager is required to use all of his systems, meaning that, since Tager is a Event Weapon Imitation, a extortionate amount of power has to be used for it to be generated.

In BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, the Eclipse Field was used primarily to prevent Tsubaki Yayoi from escaping Makoto NanayaNoel Vermillion and Jin Kisaragi inside the Colosseum after the battle of Ragna the Bloodedge. The use of the field confirmed Tsubaki’s suspicions that Kagura Mutsuki was planning a coup d'état against the Emperor. Eventually, after Noel, Makoto and Jin finally broke Tsubaki out of the Emperor’s Mind Eater, the field was lowered.