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Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san

Eat Beat Dead Spike-san (Cover)
Name: Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san
Developer(s): Arc System Works
Publisher(s): Arc System Works
Platform(s): iOS 6.0+
Android 4.0+
Release date(s): Android
January 7, 2015
January 20, 2015
Genre(s): Rhythm Action Game
Mode(s): Single player
Media/Distribution: Download
Version: 1.3.7

Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san (イートビート デッドスパイクさん Īto Bīto Deddo Supaiku-san) is a free-to-play rhythm action game for the iOS and Android platforms. The game was released for Android systems on January 7, 2015. On February 23, 2015, the game saw an international release.


One upon a time, in a hierarchical city that shall remain nameless, lived Dead Spike-san and Ragna-san. But Ragna could not defeat his opponents, no matter how hard he would try…So, Dead Spike-san thought that if he ate a lot of food he would grow stronger, helping Ragna win his battles. And thus, the adventures of Dead Spike-san and Ragna are about to begin.


Controls are relatively simple and straight forward. To control the titular character, the player must tap, hold, and rapidly press the L and R circles in accordance to the rhythm of the selected song. There are three difficulties to choose from. Charging up the Overdrive allows players to go for higher scores.

Missing food causes the life gauge in the left hand corner to decrease – once this gauge hits zero, the player loses the game. Once in Overdrive, health cannot be lost, and eating causes the gauge to increase.


The game features a handful of remixed songs from the main BlazBlue series. These include:

Rebellion II
Bullet Dance II
Catus Carnival II
Reppu II
Queen of Rose II
Condemnation Wings II
Gluttony Fang II
Oriental Flower II
Marionette Purple II
Plastic Night II
Active Angel II
Endless Despair II
Science Fiction

Downloadable content

Content Price
Playable character: Ouroboros 240¥
Battle Theme: Oriental Flower II 120¥
Battle Theme: Gluttony Fang II 120¥
Battle Theme: MOTOR HEAD II 120¥
Battle Theme: Condemnation Wings II Free
Battle Theme: Lust SIN II Free
Battle Theme: Marionette Purple II 120¥
Battle Theme: Plastic Night II Free
Battle Theme: Active Angel II 120¥
Battle Theme: Endless Despair II Free
Playable character: Nirvana 240¥
Battle Theme: Alexandrite-II- 120¥
Battle Theme: Science Fiction Free


Main article: Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san/Achievements




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