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Dream Blades: Musashi (夢刀・六三四 Mujin: Musashi, Dream Blades: Six Three Fourths, localized as Mucro Somnio: Musashi) is an Arch-Enemy Event Weapon with the shape of a pair of kodachis, one stored in each end of the sheath. This weapon is wielded by Jūbei. This weapon was specifically designed for him, and can cut straight through things that cannot normally be cut.[1]



  • It seems to be named after Musashi no Ken, a Japanese sports manga series that focuses on kendo, and its protagonist, Musashi Natsuki (夏木 六三四 Natsuki Musashi)
  • Despite being read as "Mujin", the kanji for "jin" is that for "tō/katana" instead.


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