Detonators (波動兵器(デトネーター) Detonētā, Wave Weapon), also known as Wave Weapons (波動兵器 Hadō Heiki), are a series of weapons made by Relius Clover that use Event Weapon Imitations as their base. Seemingly, they are almost identical to Event Weapons themselves; however, Relius has augmented them, so their true powers remain unknown, but it has been stated that they can, keep up, and even beat, Event Weapon such as the Machine God: Nirvana.

The only known Detonator is Detonator: Ignis; however, at least 4 other different Detonators, including prototypes, are known to exist.

According to Makoto’s bad ending in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend, her Soul is more than enough material for the Detonator. The conversation between Relius and Makoto revealed that Clover needs some sort of fulcrum in order to topple the soul and reshape it however he wants. In her case, her bond with Tsubaki Yayoi was the key to her soul.

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