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Demon Cells (鬼の細胞 Oni no Saibō), also known as Ogre Cells or Demon Genes, are mysterious cells found within the Orient that are under the study of Kokonoe. After the Phenomena Weapon Dispossession Operation, a mortally wounded, and human, Iron Tager was taken to Kokonoe's lab and injected with the cells in order to preserve his life and provide adequate data for Kokonoe's research. The cells themselves are withdrawn from Demons.[1]

The cells have an incredible effect which forces their host to undergo a dramatic change and forces them to somewhat resemble a Demon, sacrificing what they once looked like; in Tager's case, his skin changed to a deep crimson red, he had a mass increase in weight and height, and gained phenomenal strength. Hakumen notes that the act of a scientist injecting the cells into a living being can only raise questions on the scientists' moral beliefs.


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