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Ragna the Bloodedge (Sprite, Crush Trigger)

Ragna's Crush Trigger

Crush Trigger costs 25% Heat (or 2 magatama in the case of Hakumen) and is performed by pressing A+B while standing. If the opponent does not use Barrier to block the attack, then there is a possibility of Guard Crush. Crush Triggers qualify as Special Attacks, which adds to their utility as a mixup tool, because players can cancel into a Crush Trigger from most normal attacks.

It drains a portion of the opponent's Barrier Gauge if they Barrier block it. The amount of Barrier drained varies from character to character, and can be increased by holding A+B.

They are also very useful in combos and are often used mid combo. Some character's Crush Triggers force a hard knockdown, some ground bounce, others float the opponent very high. Whatever the case, they are all useful to help extend combos and deal more damage.

Crush Triggers ignore character combo rate and have Same Move Proration, so it is best to only use one per combo.

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