Crush Trigger (クラッシュトリガー Kurasshu Torigā) is a universal move that’s used as a guard break attack. It can be performed by pressing A+B while standing. It consumes 25% of the Heat Gauge, and can be mixed into a combo.

If the opponent blocks without Barrier, then usage of Crush Trigger causes guard crush. It is blockable using a Barrier Block; however, it will consume a portion of the Barrier Gauge. The amount of Barrier drained varies from character to character, and can be increased by holding A+B.

Crush Triggers ignore character combo rate and have Same Move Proration. All Crush Triggers on grounded hit will inflict a delayed crumpling hit effect, while on airborne hit, the effect varies depending on the character’s Crush Trigger (which may involve a ground bounce, ground-slide, launch and so forth that allows them to be used in juggle combos).

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