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Counter Assault

Bang's Counter Assault

Counter Assaults are a type of combo breaker. While blocking, press forward+A+B. This move consumes 50% of your Heat Gauge, but initiates a counterattack from a blocking stance, knocking your opponent away from you in the middle of a combo. This can be useful for when you are at low health and you want the opponent to distance themselves from you. When you execute a counter assault, you will flash white for a moment, and then you will attack. During this attack you'll be invincible, and when you hit the opponent they will be knocked away. The only exception with this rule is Noel Vermillion's counter assault, which dodges an attack and places you behind your opponent to counter. As of BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, Noel's counter assault has changed to become the same as the other playable characters.

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