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English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
One! One!
Two! Two!
Three! Three!
Une! Une! (One!)
Deux! Deux! (Two!)
Trois! Trois! (Three!)


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Pic Confit
. . .
Arc Griller
. . .
Marteau Flan
. . .
Hache Rotir
. . .
Lance Quiche
. . .

Distortion Drive

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Casque Velouté
ミネルヴァお願い!, Mineruva onegai Please, Minerva!
Armure Sorbet
. . .
Saber Anglaise
. . .


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Rege Light
リミッター解錠!, Rimittā kaijō! Unlocking limiter!


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
. . . Regular match
Don't hurt him, Minerva. ラグナに怪我させないでね。。。ミネルヴァ。, Raguna ni kega sasenai de ne…Mineruva. Please don't hurt Ragna, Minerva. Vs Ragna
Stop fighting with Ragna! ラグナと喧嘩近親!, Raguna to kenka kinshin! Vs Jin
You're gonna fight me, Noellie? ええ。。。ノエルちゃんも戦えの?, Ē… Noeruchan mo tatakae no? Vs Noel
My turn! I can fight too, just you watch! Vs Hakumen
I'm looking forward to this! はい。。。よろしくお願いします!, Hai…yoroshiku onegaishi masu! Yes…nice to meet you! Vs Rachel
Ragna? I don't understand but i'm not quitting. ええ。。。ラグナ?何かわからないけど、やめないよ!, Ē…Raguna? Nani ka wakaranai kedo, yame nai yo! Eh..Ragna? I don't know anything, but I won't stop! Vs Kagura
P-please be nice… Vs Kokonoe
It's your big brother, Minerva! ミネルヴァ。。。あなたのお兄さんだよ!, Mineruva…anata no onīsan da yo! Minerva…he's your brother! Vs Tager
Are you sick? Want me to heal you? 気分でも悪いの?塩々か?, Kibun de mo warui no? Shioshio ka? Vs Arakune
Nirvana? ニルヴァーナ?, Niruvāna? Nirvana? Vs Carl
W-woah…they sure are big… こうしてみると。。。ほんとに大きね。。。, Kōshite miru to…Honto ni ōki ne… Look at that…you're really big… Vs Makoto
This feeling…is that Miss Trinity? この感じ。。。もしかして。。。トリニティさん?, Kono kanji…moshika shite…Toriniti-san? This feeling…is that…Miss Trinity? Vs Platinum
You're pretty dandy, huh? Vs Valkenhayn
You look just like Nirvana! Vs Relius
Um…i'm sorry, do I know you? Vs Hazama
Wow! You look good, Noellie! ノエルちゃん、そのカッコ。。。かっこいい!, Noeru-chan, sono kakko…kakkoī! Noel, that suit, it's cool! Vs Mu
Terumi…what have you done to my sister?! テルミさん。。。どうしてお姉ちゃんを?,Terumi-san…Dōshite onēchan wo? Terumi…where's my sister? Vs Terumi
Victory (Round)
. . . .
Victory (Match)
. . . Regular match
A-a Nox Nyctores?! ノエルちゃん「アーク・エネミー」を?, Noeru-chan ga "Āku enemī" wo? Noel has an "Arch-Enemy"? Vs Noel
I'll be like my sister someday…right? Vs Makoto
I think that was too much, Minerva. Vs Mu
Did you try to kill him, Minerva?! Vs Kagura
What? Not her brother? Vs Tager
This is strange…I hope you're okay. Vs Arakune
Does this mean the adjustments worked? Vs Kokonoe
What is this…? Your eyes are really strange… Vs Relius
Take care of him, Nirvana. Vs Carl
Aw…it's gone. Vs Platinum
Be nice to old people! Vs Valkenhayn
Oh gosh, now i'm scared! Vs Rachel
Leave your brother alone! Vs Jin
Ah, i'm so sorry Mr. Hakumen! Vs Hakumen
Huh. Guess I imagined it. Vs Hazama
If I could just turn back time…! Vs Terumi
Oh no! Ragna! I'll heal you up right away! Vs Ragna
Are you tired Ragna? VS Ragna
Come on Noellie. VS Noel
Its on Makoto! VS Makoto
Don't do this. VS Terumi
. . . .

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