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Konoe Mercury, I hereby appoint you as the Ten Sage, he who possesses great wisdom… You are now called as "Nine".
— I humbly accept it.
— Now, from this very moment, a new wisdom has joined the Ten Sages. According to the sacred order, that intelligence will last for eons.

―Konoe A. Mercury's canonization
Canonization Ceremony (列聖式 Ressei Shiki) is a ceremony in which all Ten Sages must undergo to attain their status as one of the Ten Sages.

The ceremony is held inside one of the halls of the catacombs inside the Sanctuary of Magic City Ishana, there, the applicant is to be on their knees, and to be hanging their head as if saying a prayer, while the current Ten Sages encompasses them. After a brief rite of incantation is said between the applicant and the Ten Sage who is reciting said incantation, the applicant is awarded their title and their hat as proof as their membership as one of the Sages. After the final rite is said, the remaining Ten Sages are to repeatedly chant the line.

The only Canonization Ceremony to take place in the series is during BlazBlue: Phase Shift 1 in the first chapter. The applicant was Konoe A. Mercury and the known sages present were Two, Three, Four, Seven and Eight.

The ceremony often takes place in the morning and is announced via a distinct ringing from the Sanctuary bells.

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