The Bloodedge Experience world (ブラッドエッジエクスペリエンスの世界 Buraddoejji Ekusuperiensu no sekai) is a possibility of the BlazBlue world.


It is unknown at what point the split between BlazBlue and Bloodedge Experience occurred, but judging by Naoto Kurogane’s remarks, Hazama has something to do with it. It is known that the events which occurred before the appearance of “Hazama” correspond with the events from the BlazBlue world.

Because of what happened in BlazBlue world during the Doomsday, this world, being its possibility, disappeared. Since Raquel AlucardEmbryo – is connected to the Boundary, she was able to send Naoto to the world of BlazBlue, where he saved their world by helping Ragna the Bloodedge and his associates.

After the events of BlazBlue: Centralfiction, Naoto reunited with Raquel, but it’s unknown in which world.


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