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Basic information

1. What is the BlazBlue Wiki?

  • BlazBlue Wiki is an online encyclopedia about the BlazBlue series.

2. Can anyone participate in writing the articles on the BlazBlue Wiki?

  • Yes, anyone can edit this wiki, as long as they have an account and are logged in.

3. I want to edit the BlazBlue Wiki, where can I sign up?

  • This is simple – click here to create your own account. Think really seriously about your username, because you will be able to change it only once. If after some time you think that is not what you want, you can change your username here. But remember, you can do this only ONCE and when your account is verified.

4. I want to edit the BlazBlue Wiki, but how do I do it properly?

5. Why does this Wiki use Japanese versions of titles Chronophantasma and Centralficiton instead of English versions localized as Chrono Phantasma and Central Fiction?

  • Administration decided to keep original spelling because we think that Toshimichi Mori had a reason to spell this title like that. Probably it was the same reason why "Bloodedge" is written as a single word.

6. What is the meaning of these numbers and letters in the Move List pages?

7 8 9
7 8 9
4 5 6
4 6
1 2 3
1 2 3

A — Weak attack (Xbox X on Xbox, Square on PlayStation)
B — Medium attack (Xbox Y on Xbox, Triangle on PlayStation)
C — Strong attack (Xbox B on Xbox, Circle on PlayStation)
D — Drive attack (Xbox A on Xbox, Cross on PlayStation)

7. You lack some images.

  • So far, three images from this wiki were removed for violating Fandom's Terms of Use, apparently, containing excessive nudity. Please, do not reupload them.

8. I want to leave Fandom, how do I delete my account?

  • It is impossible to delete an account, but you can disable it here.

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