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Weapon… A store that sells weapons for violence… I know this. I understand this. I'm in a role-playing game… Form party… I need to find the Azure, weapons, allies, Azure, find boss, Ultimate Attack is OVER 9000…!
Arakune in his Gag Reel
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Azrael (Chronophantasma, Character Select Artwork)
Azrael is a member of Sector Seven who spends most of his time moving from one battlefield to the next in search of a strong opponent. He is entirely obsessed with using his own raw power to fight, and has never used a weapon. However, due to his super-human strength, he can't go all out in battle; thus, he has imposed a limiter on himself. During the Ikaruga War, he was known as the Mad Dog, who attacked friends and foes indiscriminately for entertainment; his actions resulted in him being thrown in jail. He is released from prison by Sector Seven's higher-ups to take Ragna the Bloodedge's Azure Grimoire, though he claims to still wear a collar.

Azrael obsesses over strength and treats the battlefield as a "feeding ground" in his lust for power. He refers to the act of defeating his opponents as 'eating' them. He seems to be entertained by strong opposition. In battle he can not contain himself, and he will attack anyone, friend or foe. For him the battle is not about victory or defeat, but rather life and death.

Azrael is a large, powerfully built man with long blue hair, a goatee and red eyes. He wears a white coat over his shoulders and white pants, with two belts and a black covering over his left leg. His boots are white as well, with golden steel toes. Much of his visible body is tattooed.
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