BlazBlue Original Soundtrack

Composed by: Daisuke Ishiwatari
Arranged by: Yoshihiro Kusano
Release Date: December 24, 2008
Number of Tracks: 29
Disc Length: 45:51 (disc 1), 44:44 (disc 2)
Release Type: Official Release
Classification: Original Soundtrack
Catalog Number: KDSD-00253~4
Media Format: CD (2 discs)
Release Price: 3360 JPY
Published by: TEAM Entertainment (distributed by Sony Music Distribution)
Performed by: Yoshihiro Kusano, Junya Motomura, Atsushi Hasegawa, Eiji Kawai, Miyuki Hibino

BLAZBLUE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK is the first soundtrack. Contains music from BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger.

Track listing

Disc 1

# Title Description Length
01 “Calamitytrigger” Arcade opening song 1:36
02 “Rebellion” Ragna the Bloodedge’s theme 4:05
03 “Lust SIN” Jin Kisaragi’s theme 4:01
04 “Bullet Dance” Noel Vermillion’s theme 4:48
05 “MOTOR HEAD” TR-0009 Tager’s theme 4:41
06 “Catus Carnival” Taokaka’s theme 3:29
07 “Queen of rose” Rachel Alucard’s theme 3:51
08 “Thin RED Line” Arakune’s theme 4:10
09 「烈風」 (“Reppū”) Bang Shishigami’s theme 3:56
10 “Oriental Flower” Litchi Faye Ling’s theme 3:40
11 “Marionette Purple” Carl Clover’s theme 4:00
12 “The road to hope.” Staff roll A 3:34

Disc 2

# Title Description Length
01 “Under Heaven Destruction” Ragna VS Jin theme 4:10
02 “Imperial Code” Jin VS Noel theme 5:15
03 “White Requiem” Ragna VS Rachel theme 3:45
04 “Weak Executioner” Litchi VS Arakune theme 3:51
05 “SUSANOOH” Hakumen’s theme 3:42
06 “Open The Gate” When the gate is opening theme 0:45
07 “Awakening The Chaos” Nu-13’s theme with Sachi Kitazawa’s vocal 5:09
08 Black OnslaughtUnlimited Ragna theme 4:00
09 “Blood Pain” Mirror match theme 3:54
10 “Limited Again” Staff roll B 3:38
11 “nocturne” Title screen 1:52
12 “Blue beating” Character select screen 3:22
13 “VS” VS screen 0:14
14 “Challenger” Challenger screen 0:09
15 “Winner” Victory screen 0:14
16 “Continue” Continue screen 0:27
17 “Game over” Game over screen 0:17


Calamity Trigger
Continuum Shift
Continuum Shift II
Continuum Shift Extend
Alter Memory

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