BlazBlue: The Wheel of Fortune

BlazBlue The Wheel of Fortune (Cover)
Album: BlazBlue: The Wheel of Fortune ~Unmei no Wa~ – Drama CD
Rōmaji: BlazBlue “The Wheel of Fortune ~Unmei no Wa~” Dorama CD
Release Date: September 8, 2010
Number of Tracks: 6

Plot Summary

The plot focuses mainly on Tsubaki Yayoi, who was recently appointed to be the official secretary of Jin Kisaragi, her childhood friend. The story is set in the timeline where Noel Vermillion does not exist.

Track listing

  • 1. Prologue ~Unmei no Hi~ (Prologue ~運命の日~ Prologue ~The Day of Fate~)
  • 2. Long reunion ~Saikai~ (Long reunion ~再会~ Long reunion ~Meeting Again~)
  • 3. Friendly Daily ~Odayakana Nichijō~ (Friendly Daily ~穏やかな日常~ Friendly Daily ~Calm Routine~)
  • 4. Creeping doom ~Hametsu no Makuake~ (Creeping doom ~破滅の幕開け~ Creeping doom ~Beginning of the Destruction~)
  • 5. Snake venom ~Ketsubetsu~ (Snake venom ~決別~ Snake venom ~Farewell~)
  • 6. Camellia ~Tsubaki Ino~ (Camellia ~椿祈~ Camellia ~Camellia Prays~)


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