BlazBlue: Phase Shift 4

BlazBlue Phase Shift 4 (Cover)
Name: BlazBlue: Phase Shift 4
Author: Mako Komao
Illustrator: Yūki Katō
Original Story: Toshimichi Mori
Genre: Light novel
Publisher: Fujimi Dragon Book
Released: September 20, 2012 (JP)

BlazBlue: Phase Shift 4 (ブレイブルーフェーズシフト4 BureiBurū: Fēzu Shifuto Fō) is a light-novel that was announced on August 6, 2012. It was released September 20, 2012. It was written by Mako Komao and illustrated by Yūki Katō.



Since the fall of Takemikazuchi, The city of magic, Magic City of Ishana, finally acknowledges the Black Beast’s threat. Within desperation, the Six Heroes and the entire human race are about to start their last counterattack!

Just what is the fateful Phase Shift that waits for the heroes after their battle…? This shocking novel series will draw the truth of the biggest mystery in the popular fighting game BlazBlue’s history, “The Great Dark War”. The time for conclusion has come!

“…Later, Celica. If we meet again, teach me properly, okay?”


The novel is 300 pages long and split into an prologue, six chapters and an epilogue

  • Prologue (プロローグ Purorōgu)
  • Chapter 1: Tea Dust Vortex (第一章 茶塵渦々 Dai-Isshō: Cha Chiri Uzuuzu)
  • Chapter 2: Sorrow Frenzy (第二章 赭悲吹荒 Dai-Nishō: Shahi Fukisusa)
  • Chapter 3: Yellow Spirit Vessel (第三章 黄魂人器 Dai-Sanshō: Ki Tamashī Hitoki)
  • Chapter 4: Blue Wish Fate (第四章 蒼祈命運 Dai-Yonshō: Aoi Inori Meiun)
  • Chapter 5: Colorless Reverence (第五章 無色導明 Dai-Goshō: Mushoku Shirube Akira)
  • Chapter 6: Emerald Snake’s Mad Drama (第六章 碧蛇狂劇 Dai-Rokushō: Ao Hebi Kyōgeki)
  • Epilogue (エピローグ Epirōgu)



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