New themes are bolded.

# Title Character theme
1. "Rebellion" Ragna the Bloodedge
2. "Lust SIN" Jin Kisaragi
3. "Bullet Dance" Noel Vermillion
4. "Queen of rose" Rachel Alucard
5. "Catus Carnival" Taokaka
6. "MOTOR HEAD" TR-0009 Tager
7. "Oriental Flower" Litchi Faye Ling
8. "Thin RED Line" Arakune
9. "Reppū" (「烈風」) Bang Shishigami
10. "Marionette Purple" Carl Clover
11. "SUSANOOH" Hakumen
12. "Awakening The Chaos" Λ-No.11-
13. "Condemnation Wings" Tsubaki Yayoi
14. "Gluttony Fang" Hazama
15. "sword of doom" μ-No.12- (if unlocked)
16. "Alexandrite" Makoto Nanaya (if downloaded)
17. "Howling Moon" Valkenhayn R. Hellsing (if downloaded)
18. "Active Angel" Platinum the Trinity (if downloaded)
19. "Under Heaven Destruction" Ragna VS. Jin
20. "Imperial Code" Jin VS. Noel
21. "White Requiem" Ragna VS. Rachel
22. "Nightmare Fiction" Ragna VS. Hazama
23. "Memory of Tears" Noel VS. Tsubaki
24. "Weak Executioner" Litchi VS. Arakune
25. "Endless Despair" Unlimited Hazama
26. "Black Onslaught" Unlimited Ragna
27. "Blood Pain" Mirror match
28. "Hekira no Sora e Izanaedo" (「碧羅の天へ誘えど」) Main theme

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