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Tutorial Mode

Picture Name Description Trophy Type
The First Step The First Step (格ゲーの道も一歩から Kaku Gē no Michi mo Ippo Kara) Completed Tutorial Mode. Bronze
Fighting Game Academy Fighting Game Academy (格ゲーアカデミー Kaku Gē Akademī) Played through a character's strategy guide. Bronze

Training Mode

Picture Name Description Trophy Type
REC ●REC Used the key record / playback feature. Bronze
Your Moves Are Belong To Us Your Moves Are Belong to Us (突撃!となりの対戦風景 Totsugeki! Tonari no Taisen Fūkei) Played back another person's key history. Bronze

Challenge Mode

Picture Name Description Trophy Type
Is this what they call Love Is this what they call Love? (このやりこみ、まさしく愛だ! Kono yari komi, masashiku aida!) Completed a total of 10% of the challenges. Bronze
Blue Flamed Challenger Blue Flamed Challenger (蒼炎のチャレンジャー Sōen no Charenjā) Completed all of a single character's challenges. Silver


Story Mode

Picture Name Description Trophy Type
And on that bombshell And on that bombshell… (これにて完結です! Kore Nite Kanketsudesu!) Completed the entire main story. Gold
The Beginning of the end The Beginning of the end Completed episode 1. Bronze
Phantom of Labyrinth Phantom of Labyrinth Completed episode 4. Bronze
Nightmare Memory Nightmare Memory Completed episode 7. Bronze
The Requiem The Requiem Completed episode 10. Bronze
Dont forget the extras Don't forget the extras (おまけも本編 Omake Mo Honpen) Completed all sub stories. Bronze


Picture Name Description Trophy Type
BB Master BB Master (めざせBBマスター Mezase BB Masutā) Opened up everything. Silver


Arcade Mode

Picture Name Description Trophy Type
Arrrrcade Arrrrcade! (アーケードもよろしくね! Ākēdo Mo Yoroshiku ne!) Completed the arcade mode. Bronze

Versus Mode

Picture Name Description Trophy Type
Hang in there partner Hang in there, partner (よう 相棒 まだ生きてるか? Yō aibō mada iki teru ka?) Won with difficulty set to Normal or higher. Bronze

Grim of Abyss Mode

Picture Name Description Trophy Type
Grimoire Collector Grimoire Collector (魔道書コレクター Madōsho Korekutā) Acquired 50 Grimoires. Bronze
Skill Collector Skill Collector (スキルコレクター Sukiru Korekutā) Acquired 30% of all Skills. Bronze
Bookworm Bookworm (愛読書 Ai Dokusho) Increased the level of a Grimoire to maximum. Bronze
Escape Velocity Escape Velocity (上限突破 Jōgen Toppa) Increased a character's level to 50. Bronze
Can we keep it Can we keep it? (はじめてのまどうしょちゅうしゅつ Hajimete no ma-dōshi yochuushutsu) Successfully extracted skills from the Grimoire. Bronze
Let Hell Begin Let Hell Begin (ここからが本当の地獄 Koko Kara ga Hontō no Jigoku) Completed all normal stages 1 through 3. Bronze
The Azure Librarian The Azure Librarian (蒼の魔道司書 Ao no Madōshisho) Completed through stage 8. Gold

Score Attack Mode

Picture Name Description Trophy Type
Um Is that my score Um… Is that my score? (うわっ…私のスコア、低すぎ…? Uwaa… Watashi no sukoa, hiku sugi…?) Completed all courses. Silver

Speedstar Mode

Picture Name Description Trophy Type
Faster Faster! (速さが足りない Hayasagatarinai) Completed all courses. Silver


Replay Theater Mode

Picture Name Description Trophy Type
I Prefer Watching I Prefer Watching… (イイシアイダナー Iishiaidanā) Played back another person's replay. Bronze

Gallery Mode

Picture Name Description Trophy Type
Click click Click click (イラストポチった Irasuto pochitta) Opened up all guest illustrations. Silver
Thank you for playing Thank you for playing Played back the credits. Bronze

Item Shop

Picture Name Description Trophy Type
Between you and me Between you and me… (ここだけの話 Kokodake no Hanashi) Played back a single location test voice. Bronze
Favorite Color Favorite Color! (好きなカラーを選んでね! Sukina Karā wo Erande ne!) Purchased additional character colors. Bronze


Network Mode

Picture Name Description Trophy Type
Well Played Well Played! Won a Ranked Match. Bronze
And the Legend Begins And the Legend Begins… (そして初段へ・・・ Soshite shodan e...) Reached LV 11. Silver
Why does it feel so homey Why does it feel so homey? (ホームのような安心感 Hōmu no yōna anshin-kan) Won "My room" match. Bronze
Masters Before and After Master's Before and After (匠によるビフォーアフター Takumi ni Yoru Bifō Afutā) Customized your own room. Bronze
Omg so much fun Omg so much fun! (タノシイヤッター! Tanoshiiyattā!) Used a face icon in an Online Lobby. Bronze
Never known defeat Never known defeat (地元じゃ負け知らず Jimoto ja Make-Shirazu) Won an online lobby match. Bronze
Still talking about BB Still talking about BB? (またBBの話してる Mata BB no Hanashi Teru) Used the quick message feature in an online lobby. Bronze
You can create cute You can create "cute" (かわいいは作れる Kawaī wa tsukureru) Changed your icon, plate, title, lobby character, and accessories. Bronze
Keep your friends close Keep your friends close (愛すべきフレンドを持て Aisubeki Furendo o Mote) Added a player to your favorites. Bronze
Honey Do these match Honey! Do these match? (十分な耐久テストを行っています Jūbun'na taikyū tesuto o okonatte imasu) Collected 50 pieces of furniture for your "My Room". Bronze


Picture Name Description Trophy Type
So White So White! (驚きの白さ Odoroki no Shirosa) Successfully executed an instant block 10 times. Bronze
Destroyer of Guards Destroyer of Guards (ガードの破壊者 Gādo no Hakaimono) Successfully executed a Guard Crush 10 times. Bronze
Lord of the Beeeeees Lord of the Beeeeees (怒首領蟲最大往生 Ika shuryō chūsai daio) Successfully executed a 100-hit combo. Silver
Sayonara Sayonara! (サヨナラー! Sayonarā!) Dealt 10,000+ damage in a single combo. Silver
Power of Fate Power of Fate (運命力 Unmei-ryoku) Successfully executed 10 Distortion Finishes. Bronze
True Blue TRUE-BLUE Successfully executed 10 Astral Finishes. Bronze
Gigaaaa Driiiiive FINISH Gigaaaa Driiiiive FINISH! (ギガァァドライブゥゥフィニッシュゥゥゥ!! Gigaaa Dadoraibuu Finisshuuuu!) Successfully executed 10 Overdrive Finishes. Bronze
Thanks but no thanks Thanks, but no thanks (だが断る Dagakotowaru) Successfully executed 10 throw-escapes. Bronze
The end has COME The end has COME! (これで片付ける! Kore de katadzukeru!) Successfully executed 10 Exceed Accels. Bronze
Sudden Cancellation Sudden Cancellation (突然のキャンセル Totsuzen no Kyanseru) Successfully used Rapid Cancel 10 times. Bronze
FINISH HIM FINISH HIM! Successfully executed 10 Fatal Counters. Bronze
Its like Slow motion It's like… Slow motion (見てから余裕でした Mitekara yoyū deshita) Successfully blocked 10 overhead attacks. Bronze
100 of shots you dont take 100% of shots you don't take (あきらめたらそこで対戦終了ですよ…?Akirametara sokode taisen shūryōdesu yo…?) Successfully used Counter Assault 10 times. Bronze

All Trophies

Picture Name Description Trophy Type
Gods Dreams God's Dreams (神の観る夢 Kami no Miru Yume) Mastered BlazBlue Centralfiction. Platinum

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