BlazBlue: Bloodedge Experience — Part 2

BlazBlue Bloodedge Experience Part 2 (Cover)
Kana: ブレイブルーブラッドエッジ・エクスペリエンス(下)
Rōmaji: BureiBurū: Buraddoejji Ekusuperiensu
Author: Mako Komao
Illustrator: Kyo Kuroichigo(クロイチゴ)
Original Story: Toshimichi Mori
Genre: Light novel
Publisher: FujimiShobo
Released: November 20, 2014 (JP)
ISBN: 978-4-04-070215-5-C0176


The swung down red blade, will carve a new legend of BlazBlue!

Kurogane Naoto, who has awaken the “Bloodedge”. His little sister Saya’s deadly sword is approaching him! A collision of several special ability users. And what awaits at the end of the Blue seeking Raquel Alucard’s wish…


The novel is 292 pages long and is divided into five chapters, an epilogue and a bonus chapter called Outside Chapter. The chapter names continue on from Part 1.

  • Chapter 7: The Sibilings (第七章 兄妹 Dai-Nanashō: Kyōdai)
  • Chapter 8: The Speculation (第八章 思惑 Dai-Hasshō: Omowaku)
  • Chapter 9: The Interference (第九章 干渉 Dai-Kyūshō: Kanshō)
  • Chapter 10: The Encounter (第十章 会敵 Dai-Jisshō: Kaiteki)
  • Chapter 11: The Fusion (第十一章 融合 Dai-Jūisshō: Yūgō)
  • Epilogue: Heartbeat (エピローグ・鼓動 Epirōgu: Kodō)
  • Outside chapter: Fragment (外部章 断片 Gaibushō: Danpen)



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Bloodedge Experience

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