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BlazBlue: Bloodedge Experience — Part 1

BlazBlue Bloodedge Experience Part 1 (Cover)
Kana: ブレイブルーブラッドエッジ・エクスペリエンス(上)
Rōmaji: BureiBurū: Buraddoejji Ekusuperiensu
Author: Mako Komao
Illustrator: Kyo Kuroichigo(クロイチゴ)
Original Story: Toshimichi Mori
Genre: Light novel
Publisher: FujimiShobo
Released: June 20, 2014 (JP)
ISBN: 978-4-04-070225-4-C0176


Kurogane Naoto was a mostly ordinary high schooler who lived a peaceful life with his childhood friend Hayami Haruka. What wasn't ordinary with Naoto is that his right eye is a little special, it possesses a special ability, "Eye of the Hunter", that make it possible for Naoto to see other people's Life Force in numerical values.

But his ordinary days ended when he met a girl with such high Life Force that she couldn't possibly be human. The girl introduced herself as Raquel Alucard, a vampire. She ordered him to get the hold of the Blue.

And so Naoto was dragged into a bloody battle surrounding the Blue.


The novel has 376 different pages that are divided into a prologue and 6 chapters.

  • Prologue: Rebirth
  • Chapter 1: Contact
  • Chapter 2: Immortal
  • Chapter 3: Mitsurugi
  • Chapter 4: Secret
  • Chapter 5: Encounter
  • Chapter 6: Interlude



  • According to the creator, Toshimichi Mori, there was originally going to be a chapter called Chapter 5.5: Scars. However, this was cut for unknown reasons.
  • The adult store attendant in Chapter 4: Secret is a cameo of the freelance writer Kajita Mafia in a pink apron.
  • Bloodedge Experience — Part 1 is currently the longest novel in the BlazBlue series with 376 pages.
  • The entirety of the Bloodedge Experience series takes place in October.


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