Bell (Scan)
Alias: Bell
Gender: Female
Race: Artificial human (Embryo Storage)
Personal status
Status: Alive
Manga(s): BlazBlue: Variable Heart
Voice acting
Bell (ベル Beru) is a character in BlazBlue: Variable Heart. She is a test model Embryo Storage No. 28.


Bell is a young girl with long blond hair, that reaches to her knees, and green eyes. She wears a white tattered dress with short sleeves. In addition, she wears an oversized collar with a bell and handcuffs. She doesn't wear shoes.


Bell appears to be an emotionless girl who does not know much of the world. After meeting Mai Natsume, she began to warm up and learn new things she had never known before.


BlazBlue: Variable Heart

She is the girl that was kept in the coffin that Meifang Lapislazuli sent to the 13th Hierarchical City "Kagutsuchi". When Mai boarded the same train, she heard sounds coming from the coffin, and eventually went to find their source. Mai easily broke the seals on the door leading to the room with the coffin, and went there with Kajun Faycott. They were attacked by the World Void Information Controlling Organization officers, but Jūbei protected the girls. Mai then heard another call, and attacked Jūbei, protecting the coffin. Then, the train collapsed, and Mai with the coffin ended up on a snow field, separated from everyone else.

Mai noticed a girl standing on the coffin, and since she could not leave a child alone, she accompanied her. The girl did not listen to Mai, who asked her to wait, telling that it is dangerous to stay there, and also said that Mai does not have to worry about her friend, since she is safe. Mai called the girl "Bell" for the bell on her collar, and the girl accepted it, since a name does not matter to her. Suddenly, Bell fell down of hunger, so she and Mai took cover in a cave, where Mai shared some food with the girl. After talking for a bit, Mai hugged Bell to keep her warm at night.

The next morning, Bell said that she will stay here, so Mai can go search for her friend. She also said that it would be hard for her to reach her destination alone, and that she would want Mai's help if it is possible. Mai hugged Bell, and the girl in irritation told her to hurry and go. Then she sensed something, and Ragna the Bloodedge arrived, complaining about Jūbei's failure and telling Mai that he will destroy "that".




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