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Jubei (Story Mode Artwork, Normal)
Kanji: 獣人
Rōmaji: Jūjin
Translation: Beastman
Notable members: Beastkins: Jūbei, Tomonori, Kakas
Half-Beastkins: Kokonoe Mercury
Demi-Humans: Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Makoto Nanaya

Beastkin are sentient human-like creatures with animal-like traits such as a tail or similar physical attributes. Beastkin generally appear to possess excellent physical and sensory capabilities compared to humans, as well as extremely long lifespans.


The majority of beastkins are apparently not natural creations – they were created artificially by humans to help fight the Black Beast.[1] The Kaka Clan were genetically engineered clones created from Jūbei's cells. Furthermore, due to a genetic deficiency, the population cannot go beyond 100 members. The reason for this is unknown at this time, and it is believed that the village is on the verge of extinction.[2]

It is heavily implied, if not stated outright, that they are treated as second-class citizens, and even discriminated against and hated by humans. Makoto was subject to harsh abuse in the Military Academy, and it affected her perceptions on humans and herself profoundly. However, some Beastkins can overcome the racial barrier and be viewed as valued members of society, such as Kokonoe – the daughter of Jūbei and Konoe A. Mercury – she is very well respected in Sector Seven for her intelligence and expertise in science.

Also, following that, some Beastkins can be born half-Beastkin, meaning they were born with a human parent and Beastkin parent, so it can be said, at least, that they are half-human, naturally. Kokonoe Mercury is by far the only named half-Beastkin seen in the series.

Types of Beastkins

There are three types of the Beastkins:



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