BLAZBLUE ~蒼光の向こうへ~

Vocal: Faylan (飛蘭 Feiran)
Title: BLAZBLUE ~蒼光(ヒカリ)の向こうへ~ (BLAZBLUE ~Hikari no Mukō e~)
Lyrics: Faylan (飛蘭 Feiran)
Composition: Masato Nakayama (中山真斗 Nakayama Masato)
Arrangement: Masato Nakayama (中山真斗 Nakayama Masato)

"BLAZBLUE ~Hikari no Mukō e~" (BLAZBLUE ~蒼光(ヒカリ)の向こうへ~, BLAZBLUE ~To the Other Side of the Blue Light~) is a song by j-pop singer Faylan. It is used as the ending song for BlazBlue: Centralfiction.

Track listing

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  • Temporarily unavailable.


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