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Blue Shrine Maiden

XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 63)
Name: Unknown
Alias: Amanohokosaka Shrine Maiden
Blue Shrine Maiden
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Personal status
Relatives: Mei Amanohokosaka (descendant)
Tenjō Amanohokosaka (descendant)
Homura Amanohokosaka (descendant)
Status: Deceased
Spin-off(s): XBlaze – Code: Embryo
Voice acting
Japanese voice: N/A
English voice: N/A
The Blue Shrine Maiden (蒼の巫女 Ao no Miko), also known as the Amanohokosaka Shrine Maiden (天ノ矛坂の巫女 Amanohokosaka no Miko), is the ancestor of Mei Amanohokosaka and a minor character in the backstory of XBlaze – Code: Embryo. She is the first of the 'Amanohokosaka Shrine Maidens' and suppressed the Black Beast for several thousand years.


The Blue Shrine Maiden is only mentioned in dialog between Mei, Kuon Glamred Stroheim and Tōya Kagari. She was born with an innate ability to communicate with the Blue when she came into contact with the Sheol Gate. During one of her talks to the Blue, the Gate began to open and the Black Beast surfaced out of it. Believing that she may have summoned it, she beckoned the Beast back into the Boundary and sunk in the Sheol Gate alongside the Beast; she then sealed the Gate from the inside, sacrificing her life to save millions of others.

From then on, her family, the Amanohokosaka's, began to guard the land, Wadatsumi, that the Black Beast emerged from. Each of her descendants protected the area for millennia to come, until they eventually began to forget their duty; this was until the events of XBlaze.



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