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Arma Reboare: Muchōrin

Platinum the Trinity (Centralfiction, Character Select Artwork)
Wielder: Platinum the Trinity
Trinity Glassfille (previously)
Name: Arma Reboare: Muchōrin
Kanji: 雷轟・無兆鈴
Rōmaji: Raigō: Muchōrin
Translation: JP Thundering Roar: Untolled Bell
LA Resounding Weapon: Untolled Bell
Type: Nox Nyctores
Form: Big wand

Arma Reboare: Muchōrin is a Nox Nyctores with a form similar to a big wand.


Muchōrin's abilities are the incarnation of matter. Using this causes Platinum to lose memories [1] – whether this means temporary loss or complete amnesia is uncertain.



  1. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Teach Me, Miss Litchi!, Episode 5 – Ars Armagus? Nox Nyctores? What the?

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