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Area 28

Area 28 (Stage)
Name: CT: AREA -28-
CS: Cocoon -AREA 28-
Description: CT: Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise.
CS: Things past cannot be recalled but may be repented.
Location: 13th Hierarchical City "Kagutsuchi"
Area Number: No. 28
Stage of: Arakune (CT, CS, CSII, CSEX)
Area 28 is a network of sewers under Kagutsuchi located five areas below Lost Town. The Controlling Organization have been known to dump most of their waste around Area 28. Arakune spends most of his time around Area 28, when not looking for beings to devour. It is the area with the heaviest Magic Element concentration, hence why Arakune chose to inhabit this location rather than the higher levels of Kagutsuchi. Several odd life-forms inhabit this area, in fact, including several varieties of insects and jelly-like creatures.

The stage representing Area 28 is located near a large, unknown being with a single eye. The left side of the stage features an open pipe which pours its contents onto the stage itself. An alternate version introduced in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, named Cocoon -Area 28-, shows a different location in Area 28 with a giant, beating heart-like cocoon in the center. Whether this cocoon or the eye being are the products of Arakune or the native life-forms is unknown.

It is possibly due to the high amount of Magic Element in Area 28 that the Kaka tribe cannot reproduce beyond one-hundred members, but this is speculation at best since normal humans cannot survive large amounts of Magic Element.



  • Area 28 is the second-lowest known area of Kagutsuchi and, given its high levels of Magic Element, may be at the very base of the mountain.
  • The shadow seen within the cocoon in Cocoon -Area 28- bears some resemblance to the yin (or dark) half of the taijitu, which is closely tied with Litchi.


Calamity Trigger
Continuum Shift

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