The Demon Guns: Bolverk (魔銃・ベルヴェルク Majū: Beruveruku, localized as Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk) is an Arch-Enemy Event Weapon in the shape of a pair of handguns. It is wielded by Noel Vermillion, and previously by Three and other people.


Bolverk’s standard form is a pair of handguns. It is able to change its form to a multi-barrel machine, “Fenrir” (フェンリル Fenriru), a shotgun, “Freyja” (フレイヤ Fureiya), a recoilless rifle, “Thor” (トール Tōru), and a machine gun, “Sleipnir” (スレイプニール Sureipunīru).

It can perform attacks at will in the desired location, regardless of walls and other obstacles, detonating a Magic Formula-based blast wherever one aims it.[1]

The Demon Guns were created during the Great Dark War by Nine, with use of Takemikazuchi’s part of heart. It had a multitude of owners, including Three of the Ten Sages.[2] Bolverk was given to so many owners over time, and was lost after the war, with its core being never released.

The last known wielder of this weapon is Noel Vermillion. When she was still a child, she was attacked by a monster. Then, for some reason, Bolverk suddenly appeared right in front of her. After that, she kept the weapon for herself.

This Event Weapon served also as a limiter to hold back Noel’s hatred. It controlled her emotions, not allowing her to awake as a Dimensional Boundary Contact Prime Field. Eventually, her strong hatred unleashed the limiters, and Yūki Terumi smelt Noel into Mu-12.[3][4]



  • Bölverk is one of the names of Odin, which means Evil Worker or Evil Deed.


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