Alchemy (錬金術 renkinjutsu) is the study of using science and technology to make objects, bodies, or even souls, more perfect. Mastering both alchemy and magic is necessary to become a member of the Ten Sages.

Closely associated with magic and the Magic Association in Magic City of Ishana; alchemy is a mysterious subject that can actually be practiced without any ability to perform magic. Alchemy, like sorcery, can actually birth some creatures, as evidenced by Cypher Albar creating the “Mountain Jellyfish” in BlazBlue: Remix Heart. Chachakaka noted that alchemy-based creations have an unmistakable taste.

Alchemy does have noticeable battle uses as it manipulates the area around the user. Cypher’s mastery of alchemy allowed him to instantly raise the earth next to him into a solid pillar of rock, and turn ordinary railing bars into a devastating myriad of spears. Furthermore, there are certain applications that allow the user to apply techniques similar to transition magic and even create powerful barriers capable of crushing humans with mere ease. Outside of battle, alchemy can be used to enchant objects that can keep a person in a nearly permanent sleep-like state.

Unlike magic, which only has a handful of users since the Magic Association’s dissolution, alchemy’s usage, despite a decline, did not lose as many members; with many scientists being capable of using its application. Lotte Carmine was once a master of alchemy and even taught Litchi Faye Ling some of its basics. Like magic, however, alchemy requires users to recite chants in order to use an application – although manipulation of the area around them seemingly needs no recital to activate. Trinity Glassfille was remarkable for her knowledge in alchemy, which lead to one of her monikers being “Platinum the Trinity”. Relius Clover is also recognized as an unparalleled alchemist as he leads his dark quest into becoming the “architect” of the world.


Characters who have demonstrated the ability to use alchemy include:

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