Abstract Outline System

A.O.S starting screen

Abstract Outline System or A.O.S is a system that shows previews of upcoming events as well as summaries of past story arcs in XBlaze – Code: Embryo. Once accessed, the A.O.S is delivered by the character that the particular scene is most relevant to. Only Tōya KagariEsHinata HimezuruKuon Glamred Stroheim and Mei Amanohokosaka can use the system. In order to access the A.O.S, the player must load a saved game state; once this is done, the player will be offered the option to play A.O.S or not. Should the player choose yes, one of the aforementioned characters will bring the player up to speed on what decisions they have previously made. There are 110 different scenarios that will play out and the trophy Setting the Record Straight is earned by viewing all.

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