Snow Town (Stage, A)
The 9th Hierarchical City “Akitsu-Kō” (第九階層都市「アキツ―甲」 Dai-Kyū Kaisō Toshi “Akitsu-Kō”) is situated in Russia and is the birthplace of Platinum the Trinity.


The Controlling Organization branch in Akitsu-Kō was destroyed by Ragna the Bloodedge in the year 2198, this event was shown in the first chapter of BlazBlue: Chimelical Complex and the first episode of Alter Memory. This is later shown to have a startling effect on the ecosystem as the environment maintenance device of Akitsu can no longer control the weather properly, causing large amounts of snow to pile up.[1] In BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, it was resuscitated by Relius Clover.[2]

The 10th Hierarchical City “Akitsu-Otsu” is located right beside this city, the two together from a pair and are simply referred to as Akitsu. They form one of the tree pairs of the twin Hierarchical Cities. Akitsu-Kō’s broken weather system is also influencing Akitsu-Otsu.


Important people born in Akitsu



  • The 9th Hierarchical City “Akitsu-Kō” and 10th Hierarchical City “Akitsu-Otsu” are named after the Japanese god and goddess Hayaakitsuhiko no kami and Hayaakitsuhime no kami.


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