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Blockaded District (Stage, A)
The 5th Hierarchical City "Ibukido" (第五階層都市「イブキド」 Dai-Go Kaisō Toshi "Ibukido") is a Hierarchical City and a member of the Ikaruga Federation. It is situated within Russia.


Ibukido was once the world's largest Hierarchical City, but it was destroyed during the Ikaruga Civil War. Not a trace of its former glory remains in the present day. The area around ground zero is currently closed off.[1]

Ibukido was the first of the Hierarchical Cities to declare independence from the World Void Information Controlling Organization and later became a member of the Ikaruga Federation. It is also where two of the Murakumo Units were created: Lambda -No. 11- and Mu -No. 12-. During Mu's tempering, the city was destroyed by the Takamagahara System's Event Weapon, Highlander: Takemikazuchi. This is what produced Noel Vermillion and is shown in the opening sequence of Calamity Trigger's Story Mode, and in its Reconstruction in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend. Sometime after Takemikazuchi's blast, Iron Tager recovered the body of Lambda from the ruins "Ibukido".

A portion of the city is undergoing reconstruction.


Important people born in Ibukido



  • The 5th Hierarchical City "Ibukido" is named after the Japanese god Ibukido Nushi.


  1. BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Library Mode, locations section, entry #9

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