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The 4th Hierarchical City "Naobi" (第四階層都市「ナオビ」 Dai-Yon Kaisō Toshi "Naobi") is the birthplace of 0th Division extraordinaire Tsubaki Yayoi. It is situated within Canada.


In year 2193, Relius Clover had managed to find the sealed Machine God: Nirvana buried in Naobi. Seventh Agency sent a mercenary troop to retrieve it, while the Controlling Organization sent their soldiers with the same orders. They met after the mercenaries excavated Nirvana, and then Azrael appeared. Azrael, along with reactivated Nirvana, killed almost everyone present, only the captain of the mercenaries managed to survive, after Kokonoe Mercury injected him with Demon Cells. This event is known as the Event Weapon Dispossession Operation.

Important people born in Naobi


  • The 4th Hierarchical City "Naobi" is named after the Japanese god Kaminaobi no kami.
  • Tsubaki's earlier official profiles state that she was born in the 3rd Hierarchical City "Naobi", and the later state that she was born in the 3rd Hierarchical City "Iwasu". The Library Mode of BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend says that Tsubaki was born in the 4th Hierarchical City "Naobi".

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