The 1st Hierarchical City of Ōkoto (第一階層都市「オオコト」 Dai-Ichi Kaisō Toshi “Ōkoto”), also called as the 1st Integrated City of Ōkoto (第壱統合都市「オオコト」 Dai-Ichi Tōgō Toshi “Ōkoto”), is the birthplace of Kagura Mutsuki and serves as the headquarters of the World Void Information Control Organization. It also homes the rest of the Mutsuki family of the Twelve Originators.

Ōkoto is also called an Integrated City because the integrated headquarters of the World Void Information Control Organization are located there.

Important people born in Ōkoto


  • The 1st Hierarchical City of Ōkoto is named after the Japanese god Ōkotooshio no kami.
  • Judging by the world map in BlazBlue: Chronophantasma (Extend), this Hierarchical City is situated within Canada.

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